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  1. ATX-Z8


    Thanks, Tom. Mike passed the belts to me and I have them boxed up. Anything that comes off the car will be boxed. I have a period correct steering wheel that's in slightly better shape. I am kind of fond of the glued together wood one that's in the car. Undecided My '76 will go in to rust repair and paint soon. I will miss my 02s for a while. None of the other BMWs can substitute in my heart. The #26 had an Ireland Engineering distributor. I replaced the distributor in the '76 and found out it's from a Tii. The Tii one will be refurbished and go into the #
  2. ATX-Z8


    Thanks, Steve for the insight. You nailed the main reason why the snorkel must go. It's a conversation I have already been subjected to. I am tired of "it can't be a real Tii because it has a snorkel." Now it will be - "so you're trying to hide the fact that it's not a real Tii by removing the snorkel?" As for federalized or not. It's a no on any federalized "improvements" - side markers, 5 mph bumpers, fasten seat belts must go. My '76 has had all of those items removed. I remember as a young man thinking all those things were great. I guess wisdom does come with age. I don't
  3. ATX-Z8


    Now that I am starting to restore this #26 I have come to some observations, conjectures, and opinions. First, the evidence of front end collision damage at some point is pretty compelling - snorkel and only three of the five original wheels are with the car today. I don't know what it hit, but I believe it damaged the grill, the hood (black paint underneath, two front wheels and front body panel and probably the front fenders (that black color underneath). So, the snorkel goes. It might be interesting evidence of some history, but not likely original to the car. It's
  4. ATX-Z8


    Thanks for the heads up on the seatbelts. I may leave well enough alone. I "upgraded" my E9 belts to retractable which are much easier to live with. I stayed with lap belts so as to avoid interrupting the the sweeping view from the interior on the E9. I am too tall to attach a shoulder belt lower at door height. Thanks, again for the ideas and input I regard this car as a group project. George
  5. ATX-Z8


    Thank you, Steve It looks like the original owner has passed. His SSN would indicate a Pennsylvania issue. Interesting that his car was back in Pennsylvania with Mike. I agree, if Hoffman wanted something from BMW he was going to get it. If Mike's research holds that this was the first Tii sold in U.S., it would make sense that a 5 SP CR would go to the front of the desirability line at some premium in price. The home address of first buyer is a mansion today. Having no "fasten seat belt" indicator is also interesting. I would like to get the claw seatbelts back in,
  6. ATX-Z8


    Don't worry about mods to this car. I was joking. I am really taking this as an awesome responsibility and a fortunate buy. It needs new rings which implies rebuilding the engine to original spec. After putting the car on a lift and examining that transmission tunnel, the 5 speed looks factory. Email from BMW stated that it could very well be (really rare in U.S. and not so much in Euro). To quote Andreas Harz BMW - "a five-speed sports gearbox was offered for the type so I don't think it would be too rare." It was an available option according to BMW. From what I can tell about 0.5% chose i
  7. I have a project car but I think it has too much rust. So looking again. Most important thing for me is no or little rust and no undercoat hiding rust (learned that lesson)
  8. ATX-Z8


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