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  1. Hi- Any idea what radiator Schuster's S14 uses? I have and s14 sap and want to use a similar version . Thanks Sergio
  2. Hi - I just resently bought an M2 and I am running hot all the time... I noticed you had the same issue... Can you advice what the solution was? from I can see the realtor seems the original but worked on and it has a 14 blade fan pushing air... I am going to check RPMs tomorrow (I don't know at hand). Your knowledge is appreciate 


    1. Ian


      Hi Sergio,


      I actually haven't run hot, using a brass 320i radiator.  Because the 320i radiator is a bit wider than the 2002 radiator I also opened up the front radiator support to allow all the cooling vanes of the radiator to receive fresh air.  What radiator are you using?

  3. interested on the strut black top dust covers and hazard switch (if functioning) LMK
  4. sergio osorio

    sergio osorio

  5. sergio osorio

    Moving right along

    Speechless - What a buildout. Your detailing is incredible. I just bought a white 2002 M2 in great shape but I guess I have my work cutout. Congrats!
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