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  1. Hi! I have a 1971 roundie, black interior... new to the world of 2002´s... Could you help me out with a couple of things? Looking for a good rear seat (back only, not the seat), anything available? I am also missing both sunvisors and all the related hardware, I just have a plain headliner with nothing 😞. I have read sunvisors from newer models could be a better option? Also, bear with me on this one.. on the side pillars, what is supposed to go over the seatbelt holder? I have a hole in the headliner, but not sure what is supposed to go there (coat hook maybe?) Also missing the spare tire holder? I assume there should be some kind of tie down. On the sides of my trunk, almost where the sides meet the top, there is a big gaping hole and rain keeps getting in, I assume there is a plastic cap that should go there? Last... I might get my bumpers rechromed here in Mexico, but some of the parts have bad resolders, etc.. do you have separate parts available in good condition? Thanks in advance!
  2. Guess I´ll just reassemble everything with my old hoses for the time being and get a set when available! Should I get on line or just wait for them to appear in your webpage?
  3. Resurrecting from the dead... been looking for a silicone hose kit for my 1971 2002 with no luck, will IE have it again in the future?
  4. Having both of them right now, a 1971 2002 and a 1989 E30 with relatively recent M52 engine swap (about 3 years), I can summarize it this way: I absolutely LOVE driving the ‘02, I am just looking for excuses to drive it, but if I were to have only one of the two and only one car, it would be the E30.. specially with the swap. You get ABS, A/C, even airbag (depending on year), a great chassis as well. In one line, the E30 is a modern 2002 ! If you have another “modern” car, get the ‘02, if it will be your only car, get the E30. And don’t be afraid of a swapped one, just test it well to make sure everything was done as it should, it makes a great car even better!
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