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  1. 1602,1969,outer door chrome trim with weatherstrip L/R in good condition,Door stop left side. Let me know. Thanks
  2. Looking for outer chrome trim with weatherstrip in good condition for both side, hubcap for 4 pcs. in good condition. Let me know. if you do have. Thank you montri s.
  3. Hi, I would like to buy 1. Door latch striker for L/R in good condition 2. Outer door chrome trim with nice weatherstrip (Good condition) L/R If anyone would like to sale, please message me with pictures and price. Thanks Montri s.
  4. Do they want to sale? 2 set? Thanks Montri s
  5. Thank you so much for your information,now I am searching for roof lock as the picture. Thank you again.You are the best man. Montri s.
  6. I guess so. Can you find 2 pcs.? Thanks Montri s
  7. Hi,It's look like this. Thanks Montri s.
  8. Hi, I need one for sample, if someone have one,I will make a copy and ship 1-2 sets for free. I can pay for deposit.i am not a seller,Just need the right one but can not find anymore. Picture from uai Thank you Montri s.
  9. Hi, I need front grille set for bmw 1600 in nice condition no ding,Mean almost new. Also need front and rear badge for 1600 in nice condition too. Let me know by picture and price. Thank you Montri s.
  10. Hi,Thank you for your picture.Do you have picture between back rear side window with soft roof.I have no idea how to put them together. Thank you Montri
  11. Hi, I have no way out for put my soft top to the body. Thank you for picture by Artboakrill. But it's only show outside. I really need to see inside how side soft roof to stick into side rear mirror and into around edge of body. Old soft roof was mistake, it's drilled the hole in the back truck and screw in. If someone have cabriolet, please show me some picture inside between soft top and body, how to stick together. Need to find aluminium corner too. Thank you Montri s. Ps: Picture rear mirror outside from Artboakrill,Thank you.
  12. Do you have carbon pin too? How much for slip ring? Thanks Montri s.
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