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  1. No AC in this one. You'd need to get a shipping quote to verify, but I'd estimate $1200-1600 for shipping depending on the carrier? I've shipped two cars from CA to Boise, for <$600 and roughly 800 miles. 2000 miles to Hazel Green Al should be about right.
  2. Thank you guys for the kind words! I've had a number of people reach out but no real bites yet. The right buyer will come around soon enough. And Teelinger, yes I have a 70 1600-2 (white) and the black 75 02 (Sold and going to Texas soon) in the background along with a few other BMW's not pictured. Although I like to say BMW has me, I don't have BMW's -B
  3. https://boise.craigslist.org/cto/d/boise-1976-bmw-2002/7277528963.html I listed this car a few months prior, and noticed it needed some critical brake repair and took it down. Ended up refreshing the suspension with new B8's, IE Stage 2 springs, shock mounts and rear trailing arm bushings, and then a full brake service (front and rear pads/shoes, all brake lines and hoses, new reservoir, new front rotors, new front wheel bearings). Clean title in my name, tons of info in the ad, but feel free to message/text/email me with any questions!
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