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  1. Hello, I'm interested. I'm assuming those pistons come with rings and wrist-pins ? - A
  2. Thanks, Mike. I wasn't aware that red centers were only specific to pre-70 US cars. I like the red centers.
  3. Nice article. But, I noticed in the orange or amber centered tail lights on the pic of the 66. They were red on all pre-70 02s.
  4. Nice Job ! The prep is 95% of the work.
  5. I'm interested in that Dolly and other 02 related parts you may have for sale.

    You can text or contact me here or on my cell: 818-216-8680



  6. I'll take the 10 / 8mm Heyco combo wrench and the 10mm Heyco socket. "A"
  7. Thanks for the very comprehensive link. "A"
  8. I haven't seen many 02s or other classic BMWs in film. I remember a few, and this one stands out; Al Pacino's main character, Arthur Kirkland, drives a 72 2002 in "And Justice for All" - 1979.
  9. Lots of useful information here, but not everybody is on the same page. And, a few have left a bitter taste in my mouth over the years. But, for the most part the 02 community is inclusive and very helpful despite our differences.
  10. I have the tires mounted on 5 1/2 " x 13" wheels with ET19 offset. This is the minimum width rim size recommended for most 205/60 x 13 tires. None of the tire well lips at fenders or quarter panels have been rolled or modified in any way. But, I do have -1/2 degree camber plates up front. Springs and and sway bars are by Suspension Techniques. Shocks are Bilstein HD. I do not have any rubbing issues with this set-up. With the same suspension geometry and same wheels, but with 185/70 x 13 tires I have a slight rubbing issue up front between inside part of tire tire and the tire well, but only at full turning radius. This is due to the combination of the camber plates and the larger diameter of the 185/70 x 13 tires. With camber plates removed I have no rubbing issues with 185/70 x 13 tires. I haven't tried running the 205/60 x 13 tires without camber plates. The white lettering on the tires is a cosmetic issue for some while others like it. It reminds me of the 70s and 80s. You can't simply srub the white script off using a solvent etc., as the raised white lettering is actually molded into the rubber. But, you can black it out with an oil based permanent marker. The tires seem to be good quality. I'm happy with them.
  11. I recently found these Dunlop SP Sport GT tires in 205/60 X13. They were listed on e-bay by several sellers who had a pretty large batch of them. They were selling a full set of 4 for $330, shipping included. These are asymmetrical tires with raised white letters on the outside facing sedewalls. I just blacked them out with a permanent oil based marker, available from Home Depot for under $4. While the tires are "S" rated, they perform better than many "H" rated tires I had in the past. In comparison to the "H"rated Federals, the only other readily available performance touring tires in the same size (here in the US), they don't seem to have a sidewall as stiff as the Federals, but they they oddly contribute to a lighter steering effort and turn easy. As far as steering effort they feel more like 185/70 x 13 than a 205/60 x 13. And, they are more comfortable than the Federals. The Federals are stiff and precise, probably better for the track, but the performance of these Dunlops really surprised me. And, I only regret not getting a 2nd set for my other 02. I like them better than the Federals.They are all sold out now, but hopefully they'll turn up again. The date of manufacture for the set I purchased is late 2019.
  12. A "Long Way" in the wrong direction as far as I'm concerned.
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