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  1. I’ll take ‘em. You aren’t receiving PMs but I have your PayPal info already.
  2. Just sent you a note. Found one in the misc parts bin. Yours if you still need it.
  3. Wow! Gorgeous car. Tastefully done...and 220hp!
  4. Looking for a set of rear interior panels, in good condition, for my 71. I do have a set of tobacco/black rear panels (in pretty good condition) to offer if a trade is helpful for someone. And, if you happen to have all 4, I do need black fronts at some point as well, but the rears are what I'm really after at the moment. Thanks.
  5. Looking for a set of 14" steel wheels that accommodate dog dish hubcaps. I believe this narrows it down to NK or CS wheels. Thank you. Brett
  6. If anyone purchased a set of sports and has since changed their plans and no longer needs them, I'm in the market for a set. Looking for new 2002 sport strut inserts only - I have the rears already. Thank you.
  7. Thanks @oldbimmers I appreciate you looking around for one.
  8. Does anyone have a spare they would part with? Thank you.
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