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  1. Thanks @oldbimmers I appreciate you looking around for one.
  2. Does anyone have a spare they would part with? Thank you.
  3. I'm looking for a unicorn - crack free, NOS, or otherwise excellent 2-piece dash. Hoping someone has one up in the attic they no longer need. Thanks.
  4. Old post, but if still available I'm interested in the rear subframe. PM sent.
  5. Not sure where my text went...here is what was snipped (Sunnyvale Ford listing): https://www.sunnyvaleford.com/used/BMW/1976-BMW-n/a-for-sale-Sunnyvale-b41031950a0d0cc768c9d3406fcd203d.htm?searchDepth=4:4 ***WOW*** FULLY RESTORED and BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC BEEMA. In mint Concourse condition. ONLY 39494 miles. A fun Sunday drive car. Over 30,000 worth of restoration from New AC to Custom wheels to Ergonomic Leather seats to New engine, suspension and much more. Detailed Restoration list is available upon Test drive. Call 408-522-0234 for additional info.
  6. The splines on my spindle are pretty chewed up. The rest of the column/tube is fine, so I only need a clean spindle. Thank you.
  7. Pretty much locked into a high performance M10 at this point. LMK if you have or know of one. Thank you.
  8. I decided to freeze and pound out my sound deadening today. I guess I overestimated the amount of dry ice required, so I have about 30 pounds left over. Long shot I know, but after I pull my celebratory beers from it, I have no use for it... (update 6/10 - no takers and ice has sublimated down)
  9. My pedal box was pretty rusty. I salvaged most of the bits, but the brake rod and lower forkhead had to be cut to disassemble. Looking for the rod, forkhead, and lower pin (the longer one of the two). Looks like the forkhead is available, but the rod and pin aren't. P/N's below. Thanks. PULL ROD 35211100556 FORKHEAD 35211110924 Pin 35211110926
  10. Thanks Julio. I'm hoping to find something jazzier than a stock M10...but I appreciate the ping.
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