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  1. This is an interesting discussion and I’m intrigued by the CS rear suspension swap. My initial inquiry was essentially to determine if shortened & stiffer 2002 springs and B’stein HD shocks from same we’re compatible. From MOJOJOY’s comment I’m assuming I can use the complete 02 strut & top bearing. If using tii struts I’d then gain larger wheel bearings and rotors as well as easily available strut bearings. I’ll have the car in ten days or so and can assess its needs....or possibly my wants. Thanks for this input. Jim
  2. Hey Chris, Thanks for that reply. I’ll check the other frame to see if differs from this one. And yup, it has a Porsche crest. On a side note, my friend and I visited Polak’s last shop shortly before its end and got a tour of the “back room” which had flat twelve engines stacked on pallets as well as various 917 body parts. At the end of the session he gave each of us one of these:
  3. Here is one of the two plates, carefully painted somewhere along its 53 years...
  4. Thank you, Nick. As I noted in the registration discussion, I have known this car for ten years but have not yet taken possession. I've owned many 02 cars over the years but this is the first Neue Klasse and I'm trying to flatten the learning curve in the weeks before I have it in my garage. Jim
  5. I'm neue to the Neue Klasse and am wondering about suspension components and possible compatibility with 1600s and 2002s. Are strut inserts/shocks/springs interchangeable between those chassis? May I use 2002 components on my '67 Tilux? I've read that e9 rear sway bars can be used, but what about the fronts? And then there are the suspension bushings which are 53 years old as well as the strut bearings which look different than e10/e3/e9. Any input here would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, JVO
  6. Thanks, Chris...and a beautiful rear end 2800 photo I must say! As you might remember from my E9 posts I have a Verona Bavaria so we have that e3 thing in common. My wife and I spend our Winters in Florida and haven't yet been able to escape just yet due to the Coronavirus thing and so can't post photos of the frames right now. I'll do when I return in the next couple of weeks. And as an addendum, both have been painted somewhere along the line... Cheers, JVO
  7. I'm very saddened by the reason I was able to buy this car, but pleased to become its current caretaker. I found this '67 2000 Tilux for sale ten years ago when my 50 year BMW pal, (he convinced me to buy my first BMW in 1969) Elliott Schnackenberg, was looking for a Neue Klasse. He made the purchase after traveling out to see it and then the two of us trekked out to Montana to pick it up. He let me drive it back to Wisconsin and I remember thinking "This thing is great; should have bought it myself"! Most unfortunately, Elliott passed away this past December and I have arranged to purchase the car from his estate. The two of us had many great adventures over the past 50 years, including starting up the Badger Bimmers, rallys, auto crossing, planning a couple of O'Fests, two or three Indy 500s, etc., etc. and I feel he'd wholeheartedly approve of the car being passed along to his good friend. Sold new at Vasek Polak's Manhattan Beach dealership (it has two original license plate frames from Polak's dealership), the car spent its first few decades in Southern California before being sold to an owner on Missoula, Montana. It was from the third owner that Elliott purchased the car. The current engine is from a '70 2002 and with a single carb, but the complete original engine, albeit with a cracked head, was included. It's a US version car, VIN 1459124. Elliott shipped the car to Germany for the 100th Anniversary and that's where it's pictured here with Elliott smiling behind the wheel. Mutual friends in the BMWCCCA and BMWCCA are going to see this and say "Hey, there's Elliott's car"!, and I'm quite okay with that, he was a terrific friend and ambassador to the BMW Marque JVO
  8. I'm new to this board, but not new to BMW's. I've known Jack Fahuna for 40+ years and would also recommend him. JVO
  9. Looks good, Andrew, and I'd guess it feels great on the road as well.
  10. JimVO


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