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  1. Thanks for everyone's input. I ended up backing off the bolts and torquing them to 58 ft-lbs. I aimed to back the bolts as little as possible while being able to tighten a little before arriving at 58 ft-lbs. Some bolts needed to be backed off more than others. I'll torque again in 500 miles, and hopefully no problems. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, i screwed up using the the torque angle method; none are too tight, just uneven. Probably a tolerance of 10-20 degrees. Is there a way to salvage this? Thank you, Loren
  3. I saw that, but at $75 a pop new I figured I could save some money going used
  4. Hi All, I'm looking to purchase E30 14x5.5 steel wheels. I'm in the SF Bay Area. Thanks! Loren
  5. Correction: upon future further research, I found "Alu" stands for Alumetall Nürnberg. I thought I had read somewhere that"Alu" was a marker used by FPS, but FPS are stamped ...."FPS" (duh)
  6. Steve, I have some stamped '79 13x5.5 that I believe were cast by FPS. I also have some '81 Lemmerz to compare, and the castings are a bit different. On the Lemmerz, there's a simple radius that transitions to the rim, but the FPS has a chamfer (?) in its transition that forms a nice crease; also, the FPS' casting is less grainy, and the spokes have a little more definition. I prefer the FPS. As far as why I can do this comparison, I had my pick of 13" basketweaves at garage sale, and unaware of the different manufactures, chose the four I thought were in the best shape—turned out to be two FPS and two Lemmerz. D'oh. Maybe I'll mount the FPS on the left side of the car and the Lemmerz on the right.... Here's a photo of the FPS I repainted, using Krylon Dull Aluminum 1403 and Krylon's satin clear coat.
  7. Hi All, I'm in the SF Bay Area and looking for 13" BBS Mahle wheels, either 5.5" or 6" width. Prefer local. Thanks, Loren
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