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  1. Hi Brandon, I am looking for an ignition lock cylinder with keys for a 1975 '02. If you have matching door cylinders as well I'd be interested as well, but right now the ignition is the main goal. Thanks! - Tom
  2. Yeah man, their house (and the view) were nuts- definitely not hurting for cash. We had a price that I think everyone was happy with, and the car is in good shape- good enough to drive ~250 miles back to Portland straight away. 🙂
  3. Ended up getting the verona up in Bellingham on Friday. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!
  4. Hey Alex, I almost wrote you when I saw your ad pop up on craigslist but I think the front end damage might be beyond my ablity... Other than that it looks like a great car and I read your post with the backstory and I think it is a great thing you are doing with the proceeds of the sale. I really wish you the best of luck!
  5. Yeah I've actually been exchanging some emails with the owner. Might try to make it up there next week.
  6. That's a great car, if it was in my budget it would be an easy choice!
  7. I was excited about that one until I saw what was, or wasn't, under the hood. 😁 I'm looking for something I can drive around and have some fun with right out of the gate, even if it needs work in other areas. I appreciate you sending that one my way though!
  8. Thanks, Seth. I've got Craigslist alerts setup all over the West coast, so this is just one more avenue to expand the search. I've also seen a lot in Seattle and have reached out to a couple owners, but not so much in Portland! Here's hoping. 😀
  9. After lurking around these parts for the past 10+ years, I am finally in a place where I can buy a project car. I have up to $10,000 to spend and I'm ready to go. I am looking for a solid manual 2002 that is currently running and driveable right out of the gate. Ideally a roundie, but I'd consider later cars as well. Must have title in hand. This will be a project so some non-structural rust is fine, and some holes to patch here and there are acceptable. Same goes for dings, dents, and paint, as I expect to need to do some bodywork and plan to do paint. Less is of course better! I'm willing to drive just about anywhere in Oregon, Washington, and possibly Northern California/Idaho for the right car. Thanks in advance!
  10. I have to get my own 02 first! On the hunt now. I'll check out your Instagram. 👍
  11. Great work, dude! The work on the car looks solid and the production quality of your video is top notch. You've got yourself a subscriber in Portland! 😄 Looking forward to seeing more!
  12. subatomic


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