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  1. Once again, thanks to all. Just a great trove of information and sources! Sort of like Pirates of the Caribbean discover gold in the cave.
  2. Perhaps another faint (or fat) chance search - altho the gearbox and differential query yielded great leads. Looking for the front hood emblem for ‘72 tii. Not the plastic ones, or the metal edged ones which are almost correct but appear clear coated. This new best friend of the car would have the metal edges, but the black surround would be matt vs shiny, tho perhaps not as much eroded in the middle as the example attached here.
  3. On the road to discovery, I found that the undersides are original, untouched other than the liquid oil and some wax (?) that had been sprayed/painted on the underneath as is common practice in the east of the US and Canada. Removed most of the waxy surface and while some of it remains (a browny/tan color), the underlying paint is now mostly visible. It appears in the drive tunnel the paint is a grey-y whitish paint that is covering in most places some kind of undercoating. It is in almost perfect condition. The paint underneath the now removed protectant on the horizontal surfaces is a light olive-ish, pale green-ish colored primer which I understand was the original way they left the factory - regardless of what was sprayed on the undersides by a dealer. So here's the question: Does anyone have information as to what actual color formula that primer is/was? I would like to match that color as exactly as possible and a formula would be the best place to start. I've searched the 2002 data base here, and there are some references to it, but nothing specific. Has anyone found a source or has a formula for this primer? Information or leads greatly appreciated! IMG_9523.heic
  4. Chris Smith

    Rear End Tune Up

    Great series of pics and information. BUT, what is that manual that is displayed above? It appears to be a parts manual that shows all exploded parts and a numbering system with some other reference for the name and hopefully the part number. Can anyone say where to get one of those?? Thanks.
  5. That's a really good idea! Scanning a library would help a lot of people get familiar (or more familiar) with these cars. Of course it would help you as well. I think that great vendors such as yourself deserve a lot of support. It's a two-way street!
  6. Hey, thanks again for all the opinions - one end of the spectrum to the other. “Love it”, thru to “took it out”... Also the recommendations led me to two sources for the ratio if not an original box. chargin: I like your description, but do you know the actual specs (say 0-60 mph or some other common measurement) for a otherwise standard tii with the 3.91 and the 3.45 respectively? I don’t know of a formula that you can apply to calculate one if you know the other, but there must be a source for that information. If one truly goes from a rabbit to a turtle, then that’s something to think about. Thanks again for all the responses!
  7. In response to jgerock: Original condition (except for heavier sway bar, electronic ignition), relatively low mileage, just installed original-style Michelin XAS tires (had original second set of tires), has an as-new feeling four speed transmission. To be used for average short mileage local driving, but I don't like the higher revving at higher speeds. I prefer not to put in the five speed gearbox.
  8. Thanks to everyone for their comments and referrals. I'm going to contact both suppliers, although it says that for the ebay seller that he does not accept messages due to the high volume. And there are no returns... Not sure if I want to buy something blind, altho maybe this is pretty straightforward - "it is what it is"...?
  9. Hi Son of Marty, is there somehow a contact for you. I’m not familiar with this website, but I could not find any private message type of contact. Thanks
  10. I’m looking for a LSD 3.54 ratio for a 2002 tii. I know this may provide a laugh or two with how hard these are to find, but more surprising things have happened...! I’d love to get any leads or even if you have one that’s available. Appreciate it.
  11. Hi Barney, beautiful work on the engine bay...!   Can you tell me what finish or resurfacing you did on the aluminum surfaces of the top portion of the engine?  What was the original finish that the tii came in?

    Thanks in advance.

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