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  1. Looking for a good, working Getrag 242. Trying to avoid auto junkers so if you have one let me know.thx
  2. Great story, just followed on instagram!
  3. Hi there, trying to get in touch with someone in the area about a 76 that is for sale there. Was hoping that someone could see the car. 

    1. Teelinger


      Hey man, I might be able to help. PM me. 



    2. Kloss23


      Thanks for getting back to me! Was already able to find someone who will help me with that. Hopefully i will not waste his time:)

  4. bidding will likely double in the last hour
  5. Bento, have a question about the car in your area. Can you pm me (can't message you). Thanks!


  6. Chamonix72 got a question about a car in your area. Can you message me back. Thanks


    1. Chamonix72


      I need to update my location. I live in Austin, TX now. If you have a question on a car in Seattle, I would call Midnight Motorsport. Most of the 2002s show up there for one reason or another.

    2. Kloss23


      Thanks for getting back to me:) Have a hard time to communicate with anyone from the area using this mssg "system":)


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