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  1. My apologies if I confused some. Basically the lower door trim under the belt trim for the drivers side.
  2. Hey everyone. I am in search of the door trim or knee molding, as well as the trim just behind the door. Does not have to be in perfect condition mine are just missing. PM me a price shipped to Utah at 84093 if you should happen to have something available. Much appreciated.
  3. This transmission has officially been sold. Thank you 2002FAQ
  4. Name: Jeff Willis Location: Cottonwood Heights UT 84093 Email: [email protected] This is a spare Getrag 240 that I have planned on eventually doing a conversion on my car, but have decided to keep it an original 4 speed. It came from an 85 318, and I do not know the condition. I have never employed this transmission in my vehicle, but just by shifting alone, all the gears go in nice and crisp. Asking $300 plus shipping and it includes the clutch and flywheel. I don’t know what to ask for a 240 so let me know if I’m out of my mind. In terms of the logistics of shipping, I can find a large moving box and help assist and drop it off to a FedEx. It’s just going to be expensive due to the weight and dimensions. In the past, I have used a company called Forward Air and they would truck it to their hub in a city near you, where you would go and pick it up. I suppose this is the same protocol for freight shippers. If you choose freight I can place the trans and components in a Home Depot storage bin and strap it to a wood crate.
  5. Intake manifold, injectors, and FPR SOLD. Distributor, distributor housing, and plug wires SOLD.
  6. Engine harness, AC Compressor and Bracket, and IAC Valve SOLD
  7. Hey everyone, The alternator, alternator brackets, and the upper water pipe have been SOLD
  8. Name: J Willis Location: Cottonwood heights UT 84093 Email: [email protected] Method of shipping: FedEx to the lower 48 states Hey everyone, I have a spare blown E30 M10 engine that has some parts on it that are still useable. It is just a spare I've had just to tinker with. The block is windowed so the head more than likely has major damage, but none the less the parts are available if you'd like, and I can simply go in the garage and remove them and ship them out. Here are some useable parts off the top of my head that are available: Fan Starter Intake manifold SOLD Fuel rail and injectors SOLD Lower intake boot SOLD Exhaust manifold SOLD Engine harness SOLD Alternator - SOLD Head with cam and all valvetrain - One valve may have touched the piston but can't tell because it's so superficial - nonetheless it is very rebuildable If you see something you need, either PM me, or send me an email at [email protected] Will take reasonable offers, not looking to make a killing, just pay for shipping and I will properly box the items up and send them out via FedEx within 24 hours of payment and I will also provide tracking numbers. I can also ship internationally via FedEx, but please understand that on my end I have to physically take the package to FedEx for proper dimensions to get the most accurate quote. All parts are as is, understandably due to the age.
  9. Appreciate everyone who took the time to reach out. I got a grille through the first member who reached out. Thanks again.
  10. Jwillis


  11. Hi everyone, looking for a center grille for my 75. Not picky on condition, send me a PM with what you have available. I'm a new member as I had just acquired my vehicle. However, I can provide you with plenty of references where I have great buyer/seller feedback. Appreciate the help.
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