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  1. Getting some more floor work done. Gas pedal mount and floor patch next
  2. Continuing the battle with rust. Took a bit to form the channel in the 16ga then started tacking it in.
  3. I was at a cars and coffee over the weekend and met a guy from Canada Aye. He was driving a late 80’s 911 that had a custom set of Fuchs style rims but taller and wider. I knew right away I needed to find out who made them and how many dollars I have to give that person to make something like these in 15x6. If you could design your own wheels what would you do?
  4. Just wondering what model these are.
  5. Rear brakes, spare tire well and started to work on shock towers. After getting the new brake cylinder on and putting shoes bake in it was fairly obvious that I got the wrong size shoes sent.
  6. Great work, I would check behind those clips on the wing before you put the front fenders back on. It would be a shame after all that if rust was lurking behind them.
  7. I made this out of some old copper gutter pipe and it worked pretty good. Still a few tiny pinholes to fix but it’s coming along
  8. Started the process of filling some holes until the rain interrupted. I need to practice my thin metal welding
  9. Checked all the wires and neither car starts from the box. I can hear the fuel pump running on the Tii
  10. Still working on the dreaded black. Definitely going to try dry ice on the back half
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