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  1. Redid my rear shelf and installed it on the Tii and started removing the floor gunk from Ziggy. Floor boards were in pretty good shape. Then I relocated this little guy who hitched a ride tucked away in the car when the car came from WA
  2. IMG_4834.MOV I just put tires on temporarily while I was sorting out the running issues. After brake parts arrive and installed I plan on disassembly and repair. Going to put new rims and tires later IMG_4834.MOV
  3. I was able to get into reverse and first gear in the driveway. No going on the street until I get the brakes sorted out. I started more disassembly to get ready for strip down, media blast and body work
  4. The WD-40 worked now I’m able to get it in gear and go
  5. Would spraying some WD 40 through the timing hole help at all?
  6. I tried the 2nd gear bump so far no luck. My lines from the brake fluid res are leaky I’m going to check all those and look at the rest of the suggestions from yesterday
  7. To retard timing a bit turn the distributor clockwise? I’ll try second gear turn over and check shift brackets
  8. The cables in my slider tracks have melded as one and the gear is beyond salvage. Please let me know if you have the for sale. Dan
  9. I also have a little run like two or three seconds on after it shuts off then it makes a sound like a huge exhale out of the carb.
  10. There is resistance and when I got it the reservoir was empty/low. I put some new fluid in so far
  11. I opted for the generic ignition parts just to get it started. I’ll order a set of Bosch points and a condenser as backup. I’ll try the rocking trick tomorrow. Anything special instructions to it?
  12. After I had it running I went to go for a drive and wasn’t able to shift it into gear and reverse was a quick grind before I pulled back. I guess I need to start with the hydraulics. It shifts through all the gears when not running
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