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  1. Installed Esty's carpetset (already some time ago) now combined with fresh refurbished Recaro seats
  2. 26.07.2020 - Hoogwoud, The Netherlands
  3. And changed the valve cover to a blacked-out version, plus new brake fluid & wiper wash bottle.
  4. I got the car through it's major technical MoT check (imported cars require a mandatory thorough check before getting the technical and licence plate approval)
  5. By the way; as you can see I havn't got a Dutch register and license plate for the car yet. You need to go to a MOT station and get the paperwork done, aswell as an extensive mechanical check. Date was set for 3rd April, but unfortunatelly due to current Corona situation, that all has been cancelled. 😫 So can't drive the car proparly at the moment. Just sitting in the garage waiting for better days to come. But I'll keep doing stuff on the car in the meantime😎
  6. Thanks guys for the compliments. The car really is a 1502 with matching numbers motor. So a low compression 1.6. Nothing done to the motor, except the dual Weber set-up. But the car runs great, feels very much alive. Goes through the revs great. So I'm happy with the performance for now. Not so much with the front brake setup though. Looking to upgrade that to 2002 standard. Looks like a fair bit of parts need exchanging, so I'll dig into that first.
  7. Hi All, I am 41 years of age, and life with my wife in The Netherlands. Car history features several BMW's owned by me and my wife, mostly E28 and E36 models. Although the seventees BMW's (E9 especially) are on our wish list, the more affordable E10 model was the main target. Purchased in January of this year from a nice gentleman in Belgium, a 1975 BMW 1502. Straight afterwards the to do list was made. This included: - welding on the passenger side floor cormer - welding bottom A-pilar passenger side - moving electrical fuel pump from engine bay to trunk - trunk lining replacement - aftermarket bucket seat change-out with period correct Recaro seats - full cooling system overhaul with new high capacity radiator, new hoses+clamps, new thermostat and waterpump - new salt/pepper interior carpets by Esty --> on order - all oils + filters refreshed Let's see if I can upload some pictures here Pick-up in Belgium and more: To do (wish)list: - install new carpets once received from Esty - change the complete brake setup to a 1602-2002 model - 5-speed Getrag (245?) type gearbox change - full stainless steel exhaust system That's it. Hope to learn much more about the E10 and appriciate all the information which I can retrieve from this forum. I'll contribute as much as possibel Cheers!
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