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  1. Hello 76mintgrun02, "88mm long. This shorter pushrod is for all the pumps which have the pin and coil spring mechanisms that stick out of the pump mounting flange" I have the short rod with the pin type mechanism pumps. I have tried 2 of the new version BMW rebuildable style pump, they worked for about 3-4 miles then they quit pumping/sucking, So the rod is the correct length. I replaced them with a loaner NOS Pierburg sealed pump, I have been driving it for weeks even on long distances and performs great. The complete fuel system was inspected and troubleshooted by a 40 years BMW 2002's expert and he agreed that the new pumps are faulty. So I have no faith on the NEW BMW's pumps, keep getting stranded when I used them. I want to get the old school Pierburg pump, they seem to last 20-30 years of trouble free like I been reading on the forum. Well, this is the short version explanation for my quest for the Pierburg pump. Thanks for your interest.
  2. Just like the title says, Am looking for specifically this style pump, sealed Pierburg. Am not having any luck with the new BMW replacement part. Like the one on the right. Thanks,
  3. Cool, Welcome to the forum! I found one on Ebay for a little less, I made an offer let me see how that goes, if not I might get yours. Thanks.
  4. Save me the golde handle, battery tray, 2002 rear emblem
  5. Not mine, on local Craigslist, https://denver.craigslist.org/wto/d/boulder-15-momo-quasar-wheels-bmw-e-vw/7144039984.html
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