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  1. Believe I've located one. Thanks to all who replied!
  2. Needing this for a 14 inch wheel. Measures roughly 6inches in diameter
  3. I have a Malaga red 75 square light that is a very good driver. PM for more info if interested.
  4. I've already spoken with Jim. Just wondering if anyone has done the swap and if they were pleased.
  5. Thinking about dropping one of their 2200 rally engines into my Golf 76. Be about 12K complete with installation. Car has a five speed conversion and I’m also looking to add an LSD and some suspension upgrades. Wondering how much difference to expect in performance with this hot motor. Also any other mods you would suggest? Thoughts appreciated.
  6. Need these for a 1975 2002. The hazard button won't shut off as the button won't stay depressed. A common issue from my understanding. Also, my passenger side window crank knob has detached from the lever; don't know if I can replace just the knob or if I need the whole piece. Lastly, the bottom steering wheel cover has the choke on the left side bottom of steering column. Thanks, Jerry
  7. Yes there have been requests for pictures and I am in the process of getting an album together. We've had nothing but rain last couple of days so I haven't been able to get pictures. I appreciate the compliments! I will get many pics up soon.
  8. Yes I am in the process of getting a photo album together. I will contact you with a dropbox link in the next day or two. Appreciate your interest and patience. Any questions you can call as well 660-619-5223. Thanks, Jerry
  9. Making room for an air cooled Porsche 911 so this baby has got to go. Paint is a good driver quality. Body is straight and clean. Car starts easily and runs well and is being driven regularly. Interior is in very good condition except for a small tear in the driver seat near the rear entry latch.
  10. Hello there, I have a 75 Malaga Red w/ tan interior automatic in driver quality condition. If interested email or call my cell 660-619-5223. Thanks, Jerry
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