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  1. I dyed my door cards and I’m impressed. Tried to follow everyone’s directions as carefully as possible. Do you guys use any type of sealant after?
  2. I have this, not sure what shipping would cost though. I also have never shipped a body panel so not sure what the best method would be.
  3. Could you quote me shipping on the rear bench seat to west valley city utah 84118?
  4. I didn’t get any of these notifications 🤔 but good to know. I really just want to transfer over as many parts as possible from the 73 shell so I don’t have to source more parts and have my wife pissed off lol.
  5. I’ve tried searching and only found eBay ads with early clusters fitting late models. Can someone confirm that I can swap them? Also looking to use my my 73 dashboard if possible.
  6. I'd like to call dibs on the second pair when you are allowed to ship!
  7. Door cards with good backings? Right and left side view mirrors? 75 tail lights? 75 complete grill? Shift lever assembly?
  8. This is good information and thank you for that. So could I install my 73 dash into the 75? If not I have a source local to me with a dash I could buy. Will the diff, driveshaft, exhaust, pretty much all the components underneath.. are they all compatible between the years?
  9. Is this still available? I have a 75 being shipped in the next week or two and I'm not entirely sure which one I need. I was unaware that there were different versions of these.
  10. Hello, looking for the following.. passenger side view mirror euro style front turn signals 74-76 complete grill set hood roundel square tail lights
  11. I agree! That didn't even come to mind haha. The plan would be to sell whatever I can on the car or if someone does want the shell for cheap then i'd let it go that way as well and take my losses on the money spent. Thank you, it only made sense to get a rust free shell (something I should've done in the first place) for way cheaper than getting body work done. You live and you learn right? I don't have the expertise to do it all myself and taking it to a shop for just the body work does not sound nice on the wallet.
  12. Would this be the cutout I would need? Is there anything on the inside that I would need or watch out for? I've read that there were reinforcements or something like that on the square tails that would need to be taken into consideration.
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