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  1. Thank you Mark. Will do that. Surprisingly, the housing of the previous alternator was not grounded.
  2. I have a 2002 from 1976. I have been upgrading and replacing many of its old parts. I recently acquired a new alternator from a reliable auto store. The new alternator fit right in and it was substantially similar to my old alternator which I had to return to the store for a core refund. Both are regulated externally. The picture below depict the back of the old alternator (left) and the new alternator (right). The old alternator had the three (3) prong wire harness and a fourth wire connected to the screw labeled as “B+“. The new alternator has the three (3) prong harness but has no screw labelled as “B+“ where to connect the fourth wire. Instead, it has a black plastic molded plug that connect to one of the two screws in the back. Here is the question: Where do I connect the B+ wire in the new alternator? I am incline to think that the B+ wire goes in the screw where the molded plug has a wire connected to but I want to have the benefit of the opinion of others with better experience than me in these matters. I have been reading but have not found a source that can confirm where the fourth wire go. Second question: is it advisable to replace the regulator when replacing the alternator? Thank you very much.
  3. Dan, This is the part I need. Both right and left. Do you have that available? I have a list of other things I may need in case you also have them. (2 front seat belts, armrest in black for both door panels, Door sills (both sides). Please let me know what you have and a price. Thank you.
  4. Finally, the restoration process is taking shape and “Bavario” Is up and running fine. See pic below. I now need to work on the windshield wiper that works fine except for the two parts where you attach the wiper arm to the linkages in the body of the car. The parts are worn out and cannot hold the wiper in place for proper rotation. When I install the wipers and turned them on, they fall because the re is not enough grip for them to stay in place. I have been researching where to get a part replacement and I have seen some pricey options in Maximillian BMW. My other choice is to try to find a used one in this forum. Does Anyone have a spare part for sale to get this problem fixed/? My 2002 is from 1976. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for all the good recommendations. Figured out the high idle situation. It had to do with the choke. I had to adjust it manually. I really enjoyed navigating through this timing matter with the back-up from all of your expert opinion. It was really helpful. Will be ordering some new wires and a heat shield. The car (“Bavario”) got a nice wash and wax today. Well deserved.
  6. Tech21- Will do accordingly. Where can I get a heat shield like the one in your picture? Figured out the pump. Now it is an idle issue. Engine on at 3000 rpm. See video below. IMG_6778.MOV
  7. Yes!!!!! The engine is roaring! Special thanks to Hans, Buckeye, Mark, Tech 21, Dlacey, Ray, Kfunk and Willys. Looks like the next item will be fuel pump. Turn on and then shuts down. One problem at a time. Thank you guys. Muchas gracias. IMG_6777.MOV
  8. Guys, I had to give it another try before midnight. Think I got it this time. Below are the new pics of the search for TDC: Flywheel ✅ cam ✅ trans bullseye ✅ distributor rotor alignment ✅ Tomorrow we will to turn the engine on. Thank you all for your very helpful advice. Roberto
  9. Thank you all for all the good advice you have given me. I will report on my progress tomorrow.
  10. Gents, a new conundrum. Which one is it? In the flywheel there are TDC markings in the inner ring (closest to the engine block) and some in the outer ring (closest to the radiator). See photo below taken from under the engine. The blue identifies what I think is the only cognizable marker I could identify. I was using the outer marker (closest to the radiator) as my TDC. The two locations are not aligned. Could that be the problem?
  11. Sorry Tech 21, that was weeks ago and though that returning the dizzy to the original mark would do. Hans, the photo was taken w my back on the floor looking up at the engine/oil pan. I did not see any other markers but will look again. Buckeye, will check that.
  12. tech71- I am using the rotor that was there before. When installing the new condenser, I rotated the distributor clockwise for about an inch in order to get to the screw. I marked it with pencil before rotating and it went back to the mark after installation of the condenser. The rotor is not in line with the mark.
  13. Hans, Buckeye, Tech 21, Mark92131- Guys, thanks for hanging there with me. Here is an update based on the inform previously provided. Photo on top was taken from below the engine and it depicts the TDC (“OT”) and marker just below the alternator. They are now align. Photo bottom left, the line is not squarely lined-up with oil bar on both rockers on cylinder #1. Bottom right is where I think there is a problem- the rotor is not pointing towards the mark in the lip of the distributor as identified by tech 21 and Mark 92131. What next? Rotate the distributor to the mark?
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