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  1. Well i'm posting here yet again, my second grill didn't turn out as i wanted so i will need one more. Let me know what you have. thanks!
  2. Newly rebuilt plate bracket. Freshly powder coated, new wiring, internals cleaned, plastic housings sprayed black, bulbs and gaskets included. $200 shipped within U.S.
  3. Looking for a good condition center grille for my 74. Completely destroyed mine last night while polishing it, almost lost an arm.....
  4. I'm willing to pay a fair price for what you have to offer. will need the set shipped unless you're within 200 miles of upstate NY (real upstate 13210). If you don't have/can't take pictures im not interested lol!
  5. This is an aftermarket piece but is good quality. Has some surface rust but will clean up fine. asking $135 plus shipping obo
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