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  1. Bump Drive shaft, differential, half shafts and door stop thing all sold.
  2. Bump. -Front seats are gone Additionally for sale: -Original drive shaft: $75 -Differential: $100 -Rear sub frame parts (trailing arms, uprights, springs): $100 for each part/Shoot me an offer for misc
  3. Hi Everyone, First post, I'm coming from the E30 world and just picked up a 1976 2002 for a project. If anyone needs some random parts, I have a bunch that will not be going back on the car. Everything is OBO, and plus shipping if the buyer wants it shipped. M10 Engine, roughly 125,000 km, previous owner said it ran but I bought the car and never bothered to start it as that would have taken a bunch of work when I was swapping it anyways. $500 Front seats in tan colour, looks like one has a rip on the bottom. $50 Each Rear Door Cards, blue, looks like the one side has a rip at the bottom $25 Each Front Door Cards, blue, looks like there is a cutout for aftermarket speakers, $25 Each Rear Bench, blue, $75 for both top and bottom Front Door Pulls, blue, $15 Each 4-Speed Transmission, $200 If you need anything else, I have a bunch of bits in bins that I can see if I still have. Thanks Shaun
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