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  1. Black door handles available? They look black color.
  2. Interested In 2items: -long black leather trim piece on the B pillar where the seat belt attaches. -rear seat grab handles. -Speedo Gauge if you are breaking it down
  3. Hi Harry Are these rods still available for purchase? I have a 1974 with dual side drafts Weber carbs. thanks Philip
  4. Hi. How much for alternator bracket? What car/year this came off?





  5. @PaulTWinterton Really nice work here... something to admire. thanks for sharing. Did you use the Valspar paint from Lowe’s? I saw your paint gallon picture on another post. Did you semi gloss or gloss? Oil based I assume? Im doing similar as you but using Por-15 as a base coat (grey color) then brush 2 top coats of Chamonix in Valspar.
  6. Amazing wrk...very impressive. Any information you can share on the polyurethane paint you used is appreciated... looking to something similar what you did by painting with a brush the underside. cheers Philip
  7. Do you know if this fits a 1974 seat? Interested if it’s still available. Philip
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