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  1. This is prob fairly rare piece, looking for centre armrest for back seat of 2002
  2. OK my bad.... the solution was in the forums. So the lock SHOULD double click when the door is closed. Will we install tomorrow and adjust for this Hey. I’ve read a bunch of posts about door locks but can’t seem to find a solution. Before I take the other door card off to check against the working lock I’m asking for help. Door won’t lock. I’ve taken out the mechanism for a good cleaning and hopefully you can make out the problem from the pics: pic 1 is when the door is open pic 2 is where the problem is. Here the door is closed and the latch moves to the first notch. However the locking part won’t move down, it’s hitting the pin. See pic 3. Maybe something has gotten out of line? also, under normal operation what moves the latch to the second notch? Can’t seem to figure out
  3. Bumping this.....are your heater controls also backlit?? If so...thats very cool!
  4. Finished up Auto to Manual gearbox conversion on 72 2002. Car wont start, or crank at all. There is power from the battery. Could this relate to a safety switch from the auto, where car needed to be in P or N to start it? Any solutions? Thanks, Ian
  5. Yes. I was a bit sceptical about the vin number on the chassis. Will check it out when I get it home.
  6. hey. Yes checked the VIN and it’s 03/73. I think your advice is good I will stick with it and change the centre part to fit old grills. A hell of a lot cheaper too!!!! thanks
  7. Hi. I have a 73 tii but previous owner put a later nose on it with snorkel and black grills. I am currently trying to decide if I cut/change it to fit the early grills or if I should replace entirely. It’s very very good condition so any advice welcome. thanks!
  8. Thanks Danny. When I get the car home I’ll see what’s needed. Not sure the piece is going to fit over what’s there now but will try. Front nose is what I want to correct first. Hope you are keeping well, Ian
  9. Yes battery is in the boot. Def was used for some kind of motor sport. Has additional hydraulic handbrake which I will take out and switches for the fuel pump etc. I’ll go fishing for coins!!!
  10. Thanks Toby! Any pics of the work you did with the air duct? Not sure exactly what you mean.
  11. Thanks @[email protected]@JerryC Yes I think the bulkhead/firewall must have been damaged, probably along with the original nose and front wings. It's missing its bonnet latch bar, so I will try and source one of those, and see if I can either source or have made the piece that goes across the top over the blower. Am curious as to the missing 'notch'...should there be on on a tii? Sunroof is not moving at all at the moment, and I am def not going to try and force it. Found some great topics on here already to open it up and see whats going on there. Also need to source a tii air filter box, and start to bring her back to originality bit by bit. Ian
  12. Hey all Have just bought this car ( already have a 2002) and am trying to research it as all paper history is lost. (Dry) Barn find. Has been sitting for 15 years. I do know it was used for some road racing and night navigation. For sure it’s had some bumps along the way and panels replaced. Thankfully it’s in good condition considering and no major rust issues at all. About to have it recommissioned. Am curious about the chassis, and how much of it is original ..... or not. BMW have confirmed the chassis number as March 1973 tii in Polaris silver. The nose is later model, and the front wings look they were also replaced. The rear panel between the lights looks like was done too. I am so happy with the car and the price was good so I’m not that concerned by any of this and I will get the nose back to correct and other bodywork tidied up when I have the money. What are your thoughts on what you can see? Thanks, Ian
  13. Hi. Will 4 speed from a 73 tii transfer into a stock 73 2002? Any adjustments needed?
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