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  1. How do the ashtrays mount in the holes? I've never seen the backside of those panels before.
  2. Sure, go ahead and punch it right into your ignition cylinder and destroy the whole assembly. If you're hoping to reuse the cylinder, you'll need to drill.
  3. You can remove the pin yourself, just drill it out (very carefully) and the barrel will pop out. Some people have had luck taking the barrel to a locksmith. I took it to a few and they said they couldn't get parts. I got a replacement barrel/tumbler with matching door handles from a faq member about 6 months back. Super simple installation, you just need another pin or some means of getting it to stay in.
  4. Unfortunately those pics are from a 2018 bimmerforums post. Seems as though it's definitely a scam, which is really a shame. Sorry jazz, that's some serious assholery.
  5. Is it worth putting Rayden on blast if he's working with a scammer? I would love to avoid anything he's selling.
  6. If you don't want to go the repro route, most of which have the lip at the end for rigidity, I have all four OEM flares, never used. PM if interested. Spoiler and front air dam are still available through BMW.
  7. Looks like 123ignitionusa.com is having 10% off for 24 hours. Not bad for something that rarely goes on sale and tons of people here seem to love. Site says it goes live at midnight Thursday, but that would mean that it ends right as Black Friday begins so I think they mean midnight Friday. 24 HR BLACK FRIDAY SALE 10% COUPON CODE (BF2020) ONE DAY ONLY STARTS THURSDAY AT MIDNIGHT. Though unfortunately it's not a 2-post lift, one other great deal I'd be taking advantage of if I didn't already have one is the Daytona 3-ton jack from HF. At $99, It's a downright steal. I'm not the biggest HF fan, but that jack combined with their Braun folding LED light (also on sale for BF) are starting to change my mind. I can't get over how handy and nice that folding light is when doing work deep in the car, like on the headers. The magnet grabs on anywhere you stick it.
  8. Not to be that guy, but these are brand new on Amazon for $10, with Prime shipping.
  9. Photos seem to have been removed or replaced. Any chance they can be restored?
  10. If the light switched aren't taken, I could use one. Mine is on it's last leg!
  11. When I bought my car and had it shipped across the country, the sunroof flew off somewhere around the Rocky Mountains and took the mounting rails with it (OP was a total doofus). If I could go back in time, I would've replaced the entire roof panel from a parts car that still had the sunroof. So many of the sunroof parts are NLA and very expensive, and even after getting it all sorted it still doesn't fit quite right. In fact I want to say the only parts that were still available were the seals and the tiny clips that hold the interior panel on, neither of which are particularly inexpensive. Everything else was sourced piecemeal from here and eBay.
  12. It seems these are no longer available based on the website and no responses here?
  13. PM'd about some other ones you posted, but I'd take these too if those are sold.
  14. Do these fit 2002s? They looks different, particularly on the bottom where the crank fits to the housing,
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