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  1. not sure this work really counts, but waiting for parts, so made these today...
  2. Hi Brandon, I'm looking for the upper rear wheel housing buffers that are welded to the wheel housings (the spring perch that holds spring pad in place and screwed to rubber bump stop). thanks man.
  3. Looking for a pair of upper spring pad perches, aka wheel housing buffers, part# 41141813039. p.o. had installed air ride system that I'm now removing and need something to hold upper spring pad, rubber stopper. Seems like a German supplier has new ones but way overpriced imho. thanks, Jim
  4. Anybody have a guess as to what fender flares are on this car? VW, custom one-offs, etc...
  5. I spoke to seller yesterday. If anyone contacts him via offerup, Spanish is better for him. What I could understand was that the original color is white, it has a clean title, 5 speed (doesn't know which one), previous owner was in Texas too, the side body kit is aluminum and he claims little rust. He sent me additional pics of underneath, mostly out of focus, I asked for more, he said he can't pull it outside since his son lost the key and he's going to BMW today to get a new one. He then sent me a video of a white '02 doing donuts, which isn't this car since it had rear exhaust and turbo flares. He called and I think he said that was his other white '02. I got nowhere and gave up.
  6. I've been thinking about this one. Anyone's general thoughts on it?
  7. Agreed, not my cuppa. I'm more into mechanics/handling of the car than it's paint and bling. There's a sahara local that I'll check out. If I move on it, I'll post pics.
  8. Thanks guys. Yeah, previous seller was in Prescott but I was told that was 1.5 years ago, no matter. Agreed, less molested preferred. I'm more of a rough paint, lowered, rat rod type. I do that damn drive twice a day. High mortality rate.
  9. He sent me additional clearer pics but I'm hesitant to post them since they're his. But I did see the car today and it is very clean and solid. New Recaros, NOS dash, headliner, etc. Smooth motor, solid trans, no pulling, good brake bite, doors could use adjusting but that's it really. Seems like a 11-12k car to me.
  10. haha. same. I saw the post on CL and thought 'what the'. The previous owner to the current owner had the body done. I'm not a fan of metallic base/clear, and the original color was red.
  11. Greetings gents. I'm new to posting but have lurked here for quite a while. I'm interested in building up an 02, preferably from a rolling, rust-free shell. However, this finished 72' came up and is literally a half mile from my house. It's the stock motor, looks like E30 5 spd, and the body is very straight and rust free. Yeah, the color is out there (and I'd change that) but price-wise it seems high. Your thoughts? https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/d/scottsdale-1972-bmw-2002/7061962480.html
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