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  1. It all sounded good til the end.... 90 days.. but thank you it is interesting. I had been wondering about exemptions. Is the parts exemption the only type of exemption?
  2. There's 22 bucks I could have used for something else... I figured out that if I remove the heat shield I can get to the plugs for maintenance... I guess I can live with that but it remains to be seen if the plug wires will be ok... I really don't want to do without the shield and I also don't want to pull the exhaust to swap out the gasket..I already have the stock ones... Uuuugh..
  3. OMG.. once I mounted the alternator I forgot all about that... Sheesh.... Thank you!!
  4. So..... Turns out that hose just feeds into the atmosphere!.. I had ordered the hose and forgotten that I did. So I ordered a second one, due in a few days...that's over 40 bucks when I could have used just about anything else (or even nothing) oh well, what started as a head gasket repair has turned into a rebuild and a cleanup of the engine bay...and inevitably, each shiny new part makes the old stuff stick out so I've got a lot of new bolts clamps, etc... So I guess having the correct hose isn't that bad. Thanks fellas! Sooooo...what about that hose that comes off the bottom of the intake? Where does that go?
  5. I am adding the text for my thread which seems to have disappeared.. I'm getting close to completing this.. I've got all the smog gear and hoses and I can't figure out how this hose connects and to what. Also, the hose connector on the bottom of the intake near the EGR valve has me stumped. I don't think 11/68 or 11/69 is what I have I do have what matches 11/73 The two smog pump drawings are different (compare the mounting bracket to the motor). 11/68 shows a hose but that's not like mine. On 11/73b, where does hose number 12 go?
  6. Thank you...is the air pump bypass valve the same as diverter valve which in RealOEM drawings is called a control valve? I have the hose that goes from the diverter to the smog pump and it seems to fit perfectly. Yes, the EGR to intake is a simple hose...what about that hose connector on the intake. What's that for? I've got a few wiring and hose details to figure out since it's been over a year... I will search as you suggest thanks again 🙂
  7. I ordered the gasket from the dealer. When I got my engine back from the machine shop it also came with a gasket. They're different. On realoem.com, there are multiple diagrams and show each different type. BTW how do know which of the 18/x drawings applies to my car? Probably not a big deal but I'd rather return the unused one to the dealer. Which gasket is better/correct? ....and is the side with the ridges around the port supposed to face the manifold or the pipes? Thanks
  8. My 1976 has the sheet metal shield..VIM 2392110...
  9. Thanks ... I had read specifically to NOT use the Red... tonight I have the Blue and the Copper in front of me. There really is a chance of them backing out? Is that on a performance use or even just moderate street use?
  10. Fresh Engine rebuild. New exhaust studs and copper nuts from Ireland Engineering. I know the top row needs to seal against oil leaks. Some say Blue Permatex. Others say Copper RTV and I know I can't use both. Does my choice affect the torque setting? When I screw them in by hand I can still wiggle them. I know they are not yet torqued but I get the impression the thicker Copper RTV would seal better. Also, What exhaust gasket has built-in heat shields for plug wires?
  11. I am getting ready to re-install the engine and going over the parts I removed. I believe this is emissions related. Sure looks like asbestos around the hose....gulp... Anyone know?
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