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  1. Hey all! You may remember me looking for a 2002 in January. Well, I found one, and it starred in this gorgeous new music video. I think you'll enjoy it--it takes place in Alameda and San Francisco. Cheers!
  2. ...I think it would look like this: Gorgeous stuff!
  3. Hi there! One last request Looking for a 2002 for a music video shoot on Wednesday Jan 29th, 9am in Alameda (old naval base area). Let me know if you'd wanna play! Meals will be provided, and possibly a bit of compensation too. Feel free to email [email protected] or reply here. Thanks for considering! -Wes
  4. Heya, just looping back here! Anyone interested in helping out and making their car famous at the end of the month? Weekday an issue? I can reschedule to a weekend Looking for compensation? Let me know -Wes
  5. Hi all! I'm Wes, a local musician working on a new music video. I fortuitously ran into many of you at Red's Java House after your 49 Mile Drive a few weeks back, and fell in love with your cars (click on my profile to see more...) I'm making a music video and would love to feature one of your gorgeous cars in it. It won't be driven, just parked and I'll be singing near it. Check out the below pics for an idea of what I'm imagining. The date would be either Jan 28 or 29 in the daytime, and would last around 2 hours total in SF, at the lot near Red's (Pier 30) or close by. If you're interested in having your car made locally famous (and hopefully world famous!) please: click here and write which date(s) you're possibly available and comment your email address below so I can follow up! You can also email [email protected] if you don't want your contact info public And feel free to lurk me on my website to learn more: www.wesleslie.com Thanks for considering, Wes
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