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    -M20 with 885 head -ITBs came from Taiwan however I am pleased with the construction, they are completely serviceable with quality bearings. They are Efi replacements for Weber 40 DCoES. -I used stripper on most of the flat panels. I was bored in Covid. 🙄. I recently had the remainder of the car, mostly seams and crevices media blasted. (It only cost $400 since I had done most of the hard work.) thanks for the comments and interest. cheers.
  2. Round

    Doing things

  3. Round

    Doing things

  4. Volvo Fr / Mk2 rear disc created from a 1600 pedal box and parts from a 2002 pedal box. Dual MC from a Datsun as seen earlier in the thread. Some fab work on the pedals and a reinforced box.
  5. To add your name quote this topic and add your handle List: 1. @02tradition 2. @AceAndrew 3. @Mike G 4. @Streetcar 5. @hankster 6. @Round 7.
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