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  1. inoperable? Given the questionable rust repair done, and being inoperable, I'm afraid $15k is optimistic.
  2. look at all of 911r's auctions. They've all gotten insane prices. He's an incredible seller.
  3. Interesting. Well...if you're looking in a few months, mine will be ready to sell (if I decide to; still not sure). Sort of Colorado-ish. Going to get the front floor pans replaced and un-needed holes filled up (side markers, knee trim, bumper bracket holes). Then paint. Sunroof AT/AC car. Will have Recaros, crack-free dash, new Volvo calipers, all new suspension, IE coilovers, Konis, ST sway bars, etc.
  4. oh, n/m. Mine's a 1976. Wont' work for you in CA.
  5. Anyone know how to get a hold of Tom Lingard? I tried via FB Messenger; no response. Want to be able to get a hold of his hydraulic TO setup.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/ADM53141-Blueprint-Clutch-Disc/dp/B00B8VUF7S Curious why the 6-speed disk wouldn't work? Too small? Too big?
  7. Neat square! Only, I would want sunroof and AC...like my car! the small bumper conversion, knee trim removal, side marker removal...ALL CLEAN and WELL DONE!
  8. Okay, so...since I'm brain dead from the diagrams, which way should I adjust this rod to shift it LATER! More thread UP? More thread DOWN?
  9. You'd make it much more desirable if you can get it running (get a new battery) and take pictures of the rust areas/underside/trunk.
  10. Oh man, wish I heard from you a few days ago. Already paid for a replacement. THanks anyways.
  11. Maybe earlier versions will work? I don't care whether it's working or not or the face. I need the backside. That's all. See example picture.
  12. more pics (w/car on its wheels)..
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