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  1. Driver's is full leather, Passenger's is partial leather.Was planning on redoing the passenger's in leather, which wouldn't take much effort/cost for an upholstery shop as only parts of it will need re-doing.No rips, tears, dents, etc.EVERYTHING WORKS!Checkout the video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLzTABA6lyYThese are not factory seats from a car. They were strictly for the aftermarket, custom interiors.Only two-wire (power/ground) hookup; easy.Does not come with brackets, but is standard Recaro bolt pattern.These are >$2000 EACH new, but these are no longer made!electric recline, lift, air ventilation, heat.Will not separate.
  2. IMMACULATE, MINT BBS RS 4x100 wheels with practically new tires.BBS RS001 (15x7) with +25 offset. 205/50R15 Falken Ziex ZA512 tires.BBS RS032 (15x6.5) with +17 offset. 195/50R15 Falken tires.The BBS RS032 has been redrilled to 4x100. NOT WELDED! Just re-drilled. Sill have the 4x114.3 holes. Decals are new, and the center caps look new. Does not include shipping from Seattle.
  3. I believe you check it while it's running. Either in P or N.
  4. Great project me thinks for a non-CA buyer! Wheel wells cutout for the flares?
  5. Bump for a very rare part (chrome trim piece) in excellent condition. I'd buy it if I didn't already just buy one.
  6. rotor was fine. Brand new and stuck on there good. Well...I put the points back on from my E9 and it seems to run a little better (w/RPM), but still missing a little bit. I went ahead and ordered the IE dizzy and hopefully that will fix my misfire issue.
  7. Can someone put a pertronix on the IE? Reason I ask is because I think I have a worn out dizzy, which has pertronix on it now. Figured I can keep the pertronix stuff as a spare in case the IE version goes bad on the road???
  8. Okay, but for the purpose of the leakdown, does it matter if it's TDC or BDC? As long as both valves are closed?
  9. Ya, still moves w/3 spark plugs in. Sucky thing about having an automatic where I cant put the car in gear.
  10. Right, idle mixture (turning right to lean). Ya, good idea to get an AFR. No, will have to crack open the carb (32/36) to see what I'm working with.
  11. Also, my spark plugs gets black pretty quickly (running rich?). Leaning it out makes it run worse though.
  12. Yes, did the compression test with the throttle all the way down. I'll run it again. If same results, I'll squirt some Marvel oil in it and try again see if it's bad rings. I can't put more than 20psi in it w/o it moving the pistons, which screws up my TDC setting. I'm pretty sure I'm at TDC (or maybe I'm at Bottom DC) because both intake/exhaust rockers are loose (.006") on #4. I've turned it over twice to make sure. Starting to think too it's my dizzy for my misfire. Wish I had a spare to check before I outlay $500 for a 123.
  13. I have a bad misfire going on, so trying to pinpoint what it could be. #4 looks bad. Should I run the motor again and try it again? If no change, what do you think? Remove the head and check things out? I can't hear any air coming out of the carb (throttle plates open) or exhaust. I hear some I think coming from the head (valve cover on) oil filler oil, but can't feel anything. No noise from dipstick.
  14. Compression: #1: 130 #2: 130 #3: 126 #4: 126 Now for the Leakdown: #1: #2 #3 And #4, the problem child:
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