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  1. how do you get the old bushings out? Subframe still on the car. Hammer and flat screwdriver on the lip/edges?
  2. Disconnect the battery for at least an hour
  3. Thanks EVeryone. THat jives w/what this guy said. He said about 9cm:
  4. Or, not so much the grille, but the the sheetmetal that will be adjacent to the bottom of the grille. Thanks!
  5. Ahhh...you rear ended someone. Guess try to find that stuff used.
  6. can now put a roundie front on it.
  7. start searching for NOS sheetmetal, grilles, and kidney. INsurance is covering it, right?
  8. Good condition. No issues
  9. Can dye the tan one if you need a matching black pair. $45/pair or $25ea plus shipping from Seattle
  10. Willing to sell just this piece? Don't need the plastic base.
  11. Tried multiple times that size and the o-ring just tears. May need to try a little thinner o-ring.
  12. Can you still do these? I have a black 2002 and would like: red/grey/red
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