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  1. Hartmut at PA Speedo did an amazing job in restoring my clock...looks like new and keeps perfect time. Would recommend it if no issue with price!
  2. Mine is a Blau Frankfurt with digital guts for streaming, hands free calling, 25 watts and fully functioning am/fm...sounds great. IMHO, gotta have a Blau
  3. I would hope that after $485 it keeps better time...;)
  4. Here is an update in case it helps someone... PA Speedo (Hartmut) does indeed work on these clocks. What they do is install your original face and hands on to a new MotoMeter quartz clock. The look and connections will stay the same. Included in the conversion is a new black bezel, and plastic lens. The cost is $485.00 + shipping. The lead time right now is about 2 to 3 weeks. The price is not too bad but PA Speedo does not remove or replace so you have to pull the clock and send it to them. From what I know about these clocks, remove/install is not that easy but at least there is a solution to get a working clock GC
  5. thx for all the suggestions and info...will checkout PA Speedo first since its in N Cal to see about a fix specific to a '74 Will let all ya'all know results GC
  6. Does anyone know of a clock/speedo shop in CA that can fix the clock in my '74tii? I'm ok with new guts or an anaolg repair. I have grown tired of friends telling me its correct twice a day! Thx in advance for any info
  7. stopped for a cold one on Mare Island....
  8. Malaga w/tan interior...but I'm partial
  9. I had same problem with gas smell under hood and in trunk of my '74tii that permeated into the cab....it was awful. Turned out to be a seam leak with the tank that was tough to spot cause it did not pool under the car. Replaced it with a good used '74tii tank plus new filler neck boot, sending unit O-ring and fuel tank seal (just to be sure). Also replaced the exhaust manifold gasket in case exhaust was also an issue under the hood. I was determined to get rid of the smell. Not sure all that was needed but...problem solved. I know it sounds like a lot but it was worth it cause I could hardly stand to drive more than 30 mins! As an option to replacing the tank, might try to coat the one you have in case of a seam leak. I hear some folks have had good luck with that approach. Good luck
  10. 1936Spyder I'm in the SF bay area with a '74tii and need my wipers (black) powder coated...can you forward me that contact info? thx
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