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  1. Good to have different view points. I’m gathering that there is no stock rim color and it’s largely a personal thing. My powder guy recommends Cardinal Silver with a bit of clear coat to soften the “greyness” making them a little “silvery” but not shiney (can’t do shiney!). Anyone ever use Cardinal Silver? Here is what I’m working with to give some perspective. BTW, hate the trim “beauty” rings!
  2. Does anyone know the color name/code of the stock rims on 1974 tii? I’m having my 13” Steele’s powder coated and want to get as close to a stick color as possible to go with a Malaga top coat thanks in advance
  3. why not powder coat the rims in Cardinal Silver with chrome lugs and center caps...no drips, no runs, no errors
  4. My reluctance to the a/c is that I did not miss it when i owned my first tii in Manhattan Beach (warm place) so why now? Not planning long trips and the long console would look nice with a Blau Frankfurt...still leaning on pulling it. Love the opinions
  5. Common opinion is its a personal preference and no rare value given to the a/c option...you guys pretty much echo where my heads at. I don't want to sell the car, would prefer no a/c (even living in N Cal) and like the look of the long console better than the Behr version. I'm pulling it. My car is missing the compressor, don't know if the evap fan works or not but at least the fan/blower works with original knobs and switches so I will keep all. Thanks again for your input...really helped me to get aligned in the right direction GC
  6. I have a non-working Behr a/c in my '74 tii. The repair to get it working is costly so thinking about removing it and replacing the console with a standard long console. I'm looking for opinions on the value of the a/c option and if it adds significant value to the car (rare)? I don't really care for it much but thought I'd ask around to see if removal is a detriment to the car. If i remove, I will keep all components just in case. Anyone wish to chime in with an opinion? GC
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