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  1. Im trying to decide which paint to use on my suspension and subframe components. Has any one tried Steel-it polyurethane paints before? I know the off road racing guys use it a lot for chassis and such, but I wonder how it would look/ hold up on a 02'. https://steel-it.com/
  2. Thanks for the info. Ill reach out to joe through the roundel.
  3. Hey guys, Im wondering if anyone knows any history behind the Baikal 2002tii formerly owned by BMWCCA founder Joe Chamberlain and his wife Marcyanna? I bought the car at auction last year, and while not intending to do a full restoration the rust gods have told me otherwise. Ive discovered as Im tearing the car down, some history of previous repairs not mentioned in the any of the service records I have. Both rear side panels appear to have been replaced at some point from the beltline trim line and lower. There has also been a bad respray covering some subpar rust patching in the rockers and front fenders. I know Joe was an active member of the community, and am hoping someone here knows a bit of history behind this car.
  4. Heres my latest bad idea. Im thinking of using these 90 degree firewall fittings on the inside of the car. https://nostalgicac.com/fittings-hose-kits/ac-bulkhead-fittings/10-single-90-degree-a-c-bulkhead-fitting.html Then in the engine bay using either these 45 degree fittings to turn the lines toward the right fender well or perhaps just straight fittings. https://nostalgicac.com/fittings-hose-kits/ac-bulkhead-fittings/10-single-90-degree-a-c-bulkhead-fitting.html I figure the 90 degree fittings will give me enough flexibility with some short hoses to mate up to the flare fittings on the behr evap. Let me know if Im terribly mistaken, or if this might work.
  5. Hello all, I just finished patching up the firewall in my 72' tii, and I have a question before I re-drill holes for the AC lines. The Behr installation manual has a guide that shows where to drill the two 1 3/8" holes in the firewall. I had to do a patch because of rust that formed under the ac lines and ate away a bit metal. Per Rob's book he mentions using fittings to pass the ac lines rather than just the hoses with rubber grommets. Does anyone have a recommendation or personal experience with which fitting to use? I want to make sure the right holes are drilled prior to sending it out for paint.
  6. Hello David, Any updates? I just read all nine pages of this fantastic thread, and am anxious to see your progress. I hope you are well, Nick
  7. Hey Brandon, Do you by chance have any nose pieces with good metal where the fender wraps around the headlights? Im looking for both the right and left sides as shown in the photo. Thanks, Nick
  8. Do you have any of the following sheet metal rust free? Hood Trunk lid front fenders
  9. Hey Brandon, Do you have a solid rear subframe available? Thanks, Nick
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