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  1. Hi there, Just wanted to post an update video. My dad's been at work while I've been away. Coming along nicely! Hopefully we can flip by the Summer to spend time on the Nevada. Cheers, Jin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USlM9L8iCe0&feature=youtu.be
  2. Looking for the black plastic seat trim for the left side Thank you! Please PM photos!
  3. Hi there, doesn't have to look perfect but decent sounds good to me! Do you mind private messaging me a photo and price? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a driver's side arm rest in a tan/beige color.
  5. Pics of the seats that just got reupholstered. Wdyt?
  6. Hi everyone, hazards work, turn signals work, but not the brake lights. Did some searching on the FAQ and thought it could be the brake light switch; we replaced the brake switch with a new one, but still no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hi all, My dad and I had to remove the instrument panel to repair a broken needle and once removed we noticed a certain piece had no connector attached to it Here is a pic Can someone help identify the purpose of this connection point? Thank you.
  8. Like a blog website for the car? No I do not.
  9. Looks like a totally different car! Thanks to everyone who told us to keep it that original granatrot, I think it will definitely help its value. Cheers, here's a pic.
  10. Solid condition, come take a look if you're local
  11. Appreciate it, I was planning on just using some plywood with water resistant adhesive. My only concern is that the old panel (which I am using as a template) is warped and will give me an inaccurate product. What is your experience with this? Appreciate it . Thanks
  12. Does anyone have or know where I can find a template with dimensions/measurements of the door panel card? I know they can be purchased, but I would like to save some money and make them at home. Appreciate it! Thanks.
  13. Was it a luxury addition or was it standard that all 02's came with one?
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