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  1. got it down on a flatbed, doesn't drive... trying to figure out how to get it on the driveway
  2. Ainia2002


  3. no haha, I did look under the hood. Well, dad did most of that. This is a father son build so I'm just the assistant lol. He's more car savy I'm a bit more tech savy. This community is awesome and I'm looking forward to asking more questions
  4. Body is solid but under the hood it looks like that. Am I f***ed?
  5. update: getting each quadrant done individually. Thanks!
  6. I just bought my first 2002, hello! The car is in relatively good shape but I'm gonna need to remove and replace the whole floor pan. Does anyone know where or what floor pan could fit a 2002? I found one by Goodmark that I think may fit. Thanks!
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