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  1. ... still, would the sports wheel pass muster with concours judges or would points be deducted?
  2. Wow. I really love the sport wheel. It looks to be smaller in diameter than the standard wheel and the pleather(?) cover over the rim adds grip. In my dream ‘73 2002tii I would like to have the sport wheel but... let’s just say, in a concourse competition, would it pass muster with the judges?
  3. ... and long as you then keep your original steering wheel locked up in a climate-controlled safe! : )
  4. Thanks, Steve, for clearing this up for me and for the photo of your period correct steering wheel. Now for that sport wheel that "might" have been an option, have you ever seen one on a 73tii that you think is original to the car? What would this second sport wheel look like? Regardless, I now see why concours winning cars would have to have this original steering wheel here. As much as I like the look of the wood rimmed steering wheels that I see all of the time but I would still rather have the stock steering wheel that came with the car.
  5. Wow, I read this thread with great interest and confusion. What a puzzle. Is there a definitive answer as to what steering wheel(s) were factory produced for the 1973 2002tii? Was one type of steering wheel used for european models and another type used for American models in 1973? Thanks.
  6. Carl, thanks for those beautiful photos of your car. Yes, there is something about the practicality of the 02. Even though that first picture brought up bad memories for me of broken bones and surgeries from riding motorcycles in Bell Mountain, El Mirage, and Desert Flower. From what I hear those places are all built up now with houses and strip malls. It's a shame for as many problems as I had with motorcycles, when they were turned off, I did enjoy the stark beauty and quiet of desert. Still, I would trade in the desert for the Hudson River Valley any day of the week. On the freeways, I would always be envious of the 02 owners. I would covet them. Every once in a while some rich real estate guy would pass me by on the 405 in his E9. Though I always had this douche bag feeling about these types of guys it was just covering up my jealousy for their unobtainable cars. Now, many years later, the E9 looks like pure understated elegance against the Aston's, Porsche's, and Bugatti's of today.
  7. Done !!! So nice of you to offer, Nick. That would be an adventure indeed. There is nothing like those trees and winding roads up there. BTW, have you ever been to Sports Car Restoration in Plainville, CT?
  8. Some people are probably wondering what my background is. Yes, the final decision will come from me but you guys are the ones with all of the experience and I can learn from you. You have all been helpful. Thank you. A bit about myself. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I live in NYC now. Yes. A difficult place to own a nice car but not impossible. My first car was an old broken down '76 Volkswagen Rabbit. Bought it for $750. I got ripped off. : ) I loved that car. I loved how small and tight it was. The transmission was stripped and wasn't worth fixing considering the condition of the car so I ended up selling it. My second car was a '73 partially restored canary yellow Volkswagen Beetle, with a sunroof. I too loved that car. Unfortunately it was totaled when I was going through a green light and a tourist didn't see me and made a left hand turn right in front of me. Luckily I was barely injured. During this time I drove all sorts of fancy cars. My father had an early 90's BMW 750 iL. Still the best car I ever drove but after the warranty ended it seemed every time something went wrong with the car it was another $2,000 to fix it. Things went wrong with it all of the time. A friend of mine had a Volkswagen GTI and I would baby sit the car from time to time while she was away on business. It proved that my passion was with small cars. A friend of mine had a BMW 2002 Ti. I was a passenger many times and though I didn't drive it myself it felt more substantial than my Volkswagen Rabbit. A real step up. Between that 2002 and my father's 750iL that's when I got the BMW bug. I never felt an infinity for the later model BMW's though I did flirt with a early 2000's BMW M Coupe for a while. Also, I am an artist, painter, and I care about outright beauty. For the human mind to create something like Vermeer's, "Woman Weighing Gold" or Chardin's, "Basket of Plums" or Rothko's large canvases of deep burgandy nothingness is simply astounding. I wake up and pinch myself every day that we are surrounded by these masterpieces. I am just as enamored with Porsche by Singer and his creations. Still, there is something about the BMW E9 3.0 that I just can't shake. It's rolling sculpture. So you see, I am being pulled emotionally in every direction all at once. It's a good thing. This is why I started this thread. I want to learn from all of you. You have the experience, the knowledge, the passion for all things BMW. Who care's what I think? I have no thoughts at the moment. I am a newbie. I just want to learn.
  9. Also, naive question here. How was BMW able to get rid of the B pillar on the E9? Is it safe?

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