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  1. @02Les Excellent--that makes me feel better. So, does this mean it might be original?
  2. Thanks so much for the insight, everyone. Especially @02Les for confirming that I do, in fact, have proper Touring glass. I also attach an image of the print on the window. I suspect this is replacement stuff, though I don't know from when. (It doesn't seem brand new.) I will get to work on the adjustments. Best, Larry
  3. I have similar issues where things seem to be connected that should not be. My temp gauge changes sometimes based on the light switch being pulled out. Signaling changes my headlights (also Hella) from bright to dim (or vice versa). The other day the horn started honking repeatedly just on ignition. (I don't have any kind of alarm installed.) Larry
  4. I've searched the archive and learned a lot about window adjustment. (I think I need a new regulator.) I had a couple of questions, though, that weren't addressed: 1. When rolled down, should the window be flush to the frame? Mine sticks up a bit, and it makes resting my arm on the top of the door a bit uncomfortable while driving. 2. When rolled up, I have a gap of about a cm between the window and the seal. I understand this could be one of several things--adjustment issue or I need a new seal. However, I have this paranoia that someone installed regular 2002 windows on this Touring. (I understand Tourings have a bit higher roof) The gap is the same on both sides. I also think it's weird that the windows feel too high when rolled down and too low when rolled up... Any thoughts would be appreciated. Larry
  5. @coloincaalpine yeah! I'd love a section if you could spare it--mine's looking a little worse for wear. Happy to pay of course! L
  6. Just a bump as Maximilian is out of stock on the item. This is what I've been finding at a lot of places. Any other leads friends? Best, L
  7. All, I'm having trouble finding this part online. Might anyone know of a source, or have one for sale? Many thanks!
  8. I need these exact ones, if anyone has them... Thanks, Z
  9. I want to thank @Hodgepodge for this helpful post. I've just ordered parts to attempt this procedure on my very smelly fuel sender. Attaching a pic here in case anyone sees something else to address:
  10. Thanks for the info and the laugh. That is hilarious. My mechanic used the phrase "cat whiskers" so blame him...
  11. Sorry, I have no idea what these are called, so I couldn't really search the archive effectively. Anyone have any extras of these? It is the little metal clip that holds the cat whiskers close to the top of the interior of the door panel (where the window enters). Thanks!
  12. The cover of the British brochure have features an inka touring. Maybe that’s the color they were promoting in those years? it IS a great color...
  13. As a design historian (not a car expert, mind), the 2002 was always my favorite car full stop. When I discovered the touring version I knew I had to have one. @02Les I'm guessing most of those cars in the US are in the Bay Area @mike I'd LOVE to drive to Palms Springs this year, but I won't get my hopes up. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Here is my email from the BMW Archive: The BMW 2002 Touring VIN 3462696 was manufactured on March 21st, 1974 and delivered on May 09th, 1974 to the Netherlands. The original colour was Inka, paint code 022.
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