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  1. Ian , Thanks! the wheels i have are 15x8 +0 .. Have no idea if they will fit just going off of what I've read here that fits with turbo flares.
  2. Been a while since I have had a chance to do any updates on the 2002. Not much progress with summer activities taking place. SO far i got my 4 point rear cage/harness bar in and have about half of it installed and i got my standalone for the engine all squared away also ordered the I.E. wildwood four piston for 15" wheels and the wildwood rear disc conversion. Also settled on a set of wheels 15x8.
  3. The list of things that need to get done just seems to keep growing. Got the motor i will be using in the car all buttoned up this week and got my gas pedal bracket cut out. Getting the seats locked in positioned and mounted on sliders is the current task. I have been slowly trying to conquer the steering during all of this and have determined that the Saturn sky rack is WAY to big to fit, and that the powered GM column i got from the junkyard will not fit either due to the overhung pedal assembly i have. SO with that said the stock steering column is back in and my e21 rack should be here today so hopefully it will be able to turn soon.
  4. gary32, That's awesome!! Did you keep the stock steering box?
  5. Making progress slowly now... Decided i had to ditch the stock column and got a electric powered GM column. After a quick trip to the junkyard i now have the column just praying i can shoe horn it in there. Working on getting the pedals in there is also proving difficult as the firewall is too flimsy to mount them directly to hence the dash bar i have in there. Just need to get them down about another inch and another two inches back.
  6. Got some seats , just test fitting everything to get the pedals and column where I want it. Next task is going to be getting a rack in the car.
  7. Added 2x3 rocker rails, tied them into the rear subframe, getting ready for the cage next!
  8. After trying to save the steering gearbox setup to avoid fitting a rack I finally caved.....I cut it all off , reinforced the front subframe , cut a section out to clearance the oil pan and now I finally have the motor and trans fitting up nicely!
  9. Got the powertrain all mocked up along with the tunnel and firewall cut. Plan on giving its first trip in this weekend.
  10. Well I ordered the “2002 Underground” rear end kit and it should be here next week. In the mean time I have been Seam welding the engine bay, and this weekend got around to making a rear tower brace with a trunk located battery mount. I saw something similar to this in my google searches and liked the layout .
  11. Thanks all i will keep you updated on my progress.
  12. Ken, New to this site and the 2002, I have created a thread on here detailing my build. I am looking for a rear end solution, i have been directed you way and just saw this underground kit. Could you lease shoot me a message i would like to discuss details and figure out how to get one. ( when i tried sending you a message here it wouldn't let me still getting familiar with the site.) Also do you have a website or all sales through here ? Thanks
  13. First off, Thanks to all for the help.... Dudeland: I haven't run across this setup yet can you offer me some more details? bianchini: What power level are you at? If you had to do it all again would you steer clear of the CA tuned setup? looking for my best "bolt in" option here. Or little fab work necessary. RollCage- I will look into the Ronin auto works setup as well as the Kirk option. I fitted a 12 point "pre bent" jegster cage in a chevette last year and was pleasantly surprised with some modifications how tight it fit. ( Lots of tube notching though hahah) Update: This past weekend was able to go through the endless boxes of parts and was pleasantly surprised at all the parts i had that i though i was going to need to track down. With that said there is a lot of parts i have that i wont be using (mostly every interior piece) along with a few engine bay parts and odds and ends. Looks like whoever had it before me tore down the motor and put all the parts in a box. Yesterday i took delivery of the transmission i will be using for the car an AISIN AR5 after initial fit-up looks like firewall and tunnel will both need some modification.
  14. Hello Everyone ! This is something I have wanted to do for a while now and finally found a clean shell to start with ! I have a 2.0 liter gm ecotec engine mated with an Ar-5 transmission from a Saturn sky ready for the car. I want to do a few other things before I get started with that . The firs two thing I want to do is 1) get a rear end in the car ,now I’m not super familiar with all the BMW stuff yet but I’m learning and that where I’m hoping you can help. What my current plan is , get a “CA tuned” monster rear end kit and run a E30 lsd . The max power for this car will be Around 400hp.... the second thing I’m working on is getting a cage in the car. Has anyone on here put in any of the pre vent kits out there I think I saw two one by auto-power maybe ? How do they fit? If any one can’t point me in the right direction here looking for a weld in option . See pics below of my shop and the car . Thanks everyone !
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