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  1. My 1974 2002tii is up for sale. I'm leaving the country and I'll be gone for a few years. I don't want this just sitting around. The engine was was rebuilt about 1,00 miles ago along with the 5 speed conversion. A/C works as it should but it could use a new fan switch, it's a little hard to turn. I had a lot of work done to the car, please see the pic of the invoices to see all of the details. I have the original wheels that will go with the car if you want them. Buyer pays for all shipping, if it sells in the next few weeks I can help getting the car loaded, after I leave, my wife my or my not help depending on what is needed. I'm also selling a complete spare fuel injection system on a different post. I have a rebuilt steering rack that is not installed yet but goes with the car.
  2. This is, as far as I can tell a complete system. If it is not in the picture I do not have it. I purchased this years ago for spare parts for my 74 tii, I'm selling my car now so I don't need these parts. Shipping and packing cost are not included but you will pay actual cost and I will ship however you want. I'm only in the country for a few more weeks then I'm gone for 6 months. The pump turns very smothly and appears to be in good shape, no guarantees on anything.
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