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  1. I agree with the Intercity recommendation - Houston to Connecticut was fast and safe and a few hundred more than my UShip quote... Delivery.mp4
  2. 1974 - 2782434 was manufactured on July 19, 1974 and was originally Fjord Metallic, now, some version of white.
  3. Driveway portrait of my '74 tii...
  4. Again I am amazed by the base of knowledge on this board! Thanks! I was wondering how it attached ! It’s gonna be there a while...
  5. Has anyone seen a heat shield like this one before? I know it s not correct, but it seems functional. I am just curious of its origin. thanks
  6. I passed on so many 911’s in my youth - all of which seem to be a great deal today- including a ‘73 or ‘’74 Carrera for around 7k if I remember correctly. I could cry when I think of how cheap these beauties were back then. But, I did have a ‘73 2002 so I wasn’t totally deprived. I’d love to have a leaky 911T!
  7. I'll report on the short center lift if I decide to go for it... Nice stable of cars there!
  8. I was looking for a Quickjack deal, but decided to get the Kwik-lift since it is easy to park on, sturdy, and not much to break. But I am sure that removing the wheels will suck! But I think I can just use my old Jackpoint stands for that if the center bridge is too much of a pain.
  9. Ok, I'll reply to my own topic here! If anyone is interested, Kwik-Lift offers a special narrow center bridge that is 6 inches shorter than the full length one. That may be enough to make it work.
  10. That’s true, it looks like a lot of information was lost during a conversion or upgrade at some point.
  11. I just picked up a Kwik-lift and assembled it in my garage. The thing looks great, it is now in "lay flat" mode with my '02 sitting on it. It is a little Rube Glodbergish in ways - but it is damn sturdy. The only thing is that the it is larger overall than I had imagined - and when I set it up at the minimum width to accommodate the narrow track of the 2002, the center bridge will not work - it is far too long. Has anyone found a solution for this? Does Kwik-lift offer a narrower bridge? Thanks.
  12. I do worry about that - a 2 post lift would give some flexibility to pick alternative lift points.
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