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  1. I'd say my list of priorities is quite similar. I haven't owned an 02 yet but during my research I've heard to prioritize the exterior/rust, as those are the more expensive things to repair/restore. My list is something like this: 1. Manual roundie (02 or even 1600) 2. Little to no rust 3. Colors I talked about before I'm also in no rush, but periodically checking online for one definitely makes me want to have one sooner than later. But I'm honestly ok with just waiting and hopefully what I want will show up at some point.. I'm curious, why "not restored" was that high of a priority for you?
  2. Hi Steve, thanks for the suggestion! I knew that baikal was rare, but I wasn't aware that polaris was on the rare side for roundies. I guess I should've known by the radio silence haha I'm actually not opposed to seeing other colors. There's definitely other colors that I still like, just not as much as the two previously mentioned. I didn't know if the post would start getting confusing since I would probably not pay as much for non-preferred colors. I think being an optimist I just hoped that someone had exactly what I was looking for As secondary options I do like colors like Atlantik, Riviera, (other dark-ish shades of blue), Derby and even Agave. Then I'm on the fence about fjord, and tan colors like nevada and sahara. If I'm being picky with colors, it's just cause I don't want to have to repaint it any time soon.
  3. Beautiful car! It's a bit outside of my budget, but good luck with the sale!
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  5. I was wondering the same thing. I personally didn’t bid on it cause I’m not too fond of the color and I also asked the seller for undercarriage pictures to check for rust, and he just replied with “no rust that I’m aware of”
  6. Looking to buy a manual Polaris or Baikal roundie (Wouldn't be opposed to checking other shades of blue, but those two are my favorite colors). Budget is somewhere in the mid to high teens

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