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  1. I also got to see and drive this car when it was at the Sotheby's auction last year. I've added comments about it on the previous posts, but if anyone's interested I can tell them what I saw.
  2. Thanks Mike! I’m a photographer but it’s the first time taking pics of a car. Pretty happy with the results!
  3. Today I took the car and the camera out for a drive and shot this in a parking garage. New profile pic for the win!
  4. When he wrote FFS, he meant 'Fun Friendly Smart'
  5. Tbh Agave is one of my favorite colors. It was one of the colors I was looking for when I recently purchased my 02
  6. Not quite the same, but the closest thing I've seen is this (and it's available): https://www.blunttech.com/shop/1372btkt
  7. Hey Mike! I'm actually looking for the original chrome exhaust tip do you know where I can find one?
  8. but hey, it's an original collector model! and don't forget rare!
  9. Yikes! I was just under the impression that euro was “tighter” but after all that info I think I’ll stick to my stock one haha.. As always, thanks for the great insight!
  10. Thanks for the info Steve! I was actually under the impression that Euro bumpers would move in closer to the body than only 1 inch. From photos that I've seen around, I tend to like the bumpers as close as possible to the body and with small/non-existent over-riders. Not something that I would consider any time soon, but it's definitely a look that I enjoy. I'm also happy with keeping the car as stock looking as possible, so maybe it'll never happen... who knows!
  11. Always been a fan of the Euro bumpers! Maybe it'll be something I change on mine in the future
  12. Looks awesome Harry! I have a few minor things to fix on mine, but unlike you I have to wait for winter to be over..
  13. Looks really nice! Would love to see more pics. What fog lights are those btw?
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