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  1. Ah thanks for the tip! I’m going to go check an 02 this coming weekend, so if that sale doesn’t materialize, I’ll definitely check that CA one. I live in Columbus and I wasn’t aware of that club! I’ll definitely check them out as well! Thanks
  2. I went to the Sotheby’s auction for this car and got to drive it as well. It’s definitely nice, but it’s no concour. From what I remember it doesn’t have the original engine, mileage is unknown, paint maybe a 7/10, there was 1in rust gash on one of the rocker panels, and some rust on the frame visible from the engine bay on the driver’s side.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I’m curious on what happened with the previous time it was listed. It supposedly sold for 10.7K on Nov 15th, but then it was re-listed.
  4. 6 years?? wow! Hopefully it doesn't take me that long But I'm not surprised about traveling across the country 4 times. I've seen a couple of cars in person, and it's definitely worth the trip to go and see them. Initially I was thinking "well, I'll just pay for a ppi" but now I've learned that seeing them in person is so critical.
  5. Haha same here! I followed that sale on eBay a couple of months ago and was surprised at the price when they tried to flip it. My guess it’s that it’s gonna stay there for a bit..
  6. I actually went to see it in person yesterday, but it’s not gonna be the one for me
  7. Friendly reminder that I'm still on the look out for a roundie! Let me take it off your hands before winter!
  8. Are you selling that one? 👀
  9. Geesh.. how do those scams usually work? they would sell a different car? or is it purely a scam to try and get your money and run?
  10. Bump! As a second option, I'm also open to colors like Caribe, Derby, Riviera and Agave
  11. I’m interested. I’ll send you a pm.
  12. You can always buy the seats for $6595 and you get a bonus 2002 with them! 😉
  13. I'd say my list of priorities is quite similar. I haven't owned an 02 yet but during my research I've heard to prioritize the exterior/rust, as those are the more expensive things to repair/restore. My list is something like this: 1. Manual roundie (02 or even 1600) 2. Little to no rust 3. Colors I talked about before I'm also in no rush, but periodically checking online for one definitely makes me want to have one sooner than later. But I'm honestly ok with just waiting and hopefully what I want will show up at some point.. I'm curious, why "not restored" was that high of a priority for you?

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