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  1. I would def look into @1inhiding's verona. Looks like a great option to me! I had to ship mine from Idaho to Ohio and the pricing wasn't that crazy. Can't believe it would be more expensive from Seattle to SoCal. Good luck finding one!
  2. Welcome Charlie! As a few of the guys mentioned, there’s a good number of us here in Ohio. I live in Columbus as well, so hopefully I’ll get to see your car sometime soon. Cheers
  3. I don't know if it has been mentioned before, but I just noticed that there's two 2002's for auction at the upcoming RM Sotheby's Auburn Fall Auction. Here's both: 1971 BMW 2002 1972 BMW 2002
  4. Maybe not Tii’s, but roundies are definitely within your budget. Just need to be patient and once you see one you like, just act quick. Good luck with the search!
  5. Beautiful car and right here in Columbus! If I didn't have mine, I would've definitely gone for this one
  6. Been watching your progress since you bought the car (we bought it about the same time) and it's really great to see all that you've done. Congrats!
  7. I also got to see and drive this car when it was at the Sotheby's auction last year. I've added comments about it on the previous posts, but if anyone's interested I can tell them what I saw.
  8. Thanks Mike! I’m a photographer but it’s the first time taking pics of a car. Pretty happy with the results!
  9. Today I took the car and the camera out for a drive and shot this in a parking garage. New profile pic for the win!
  10. When he wrote FFS, he meant 'Fun Friendly Smart'
  11. Tbh Agave is one of my favorite colors. It was one of the colors I was looking for when I recently purchased my 02
  12. Not quite the same, but the closest thing I've seen is this (and it's available): https://www.blunttech.com/shop/1372btkt
  13. Hey Mike! I'm actually looking for the original chrome exhaust tip do you know where I can find one?
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