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  1. Hi, Thanks for replying to my post. I was in Europe for the last month, so I wasn't able to procure anything before I left. Therefore, still in the market. How much for the part delivered to 08062? Thanks in advance, Clementine
  2. Greetings, Looking for 1) idler pulley for a york air conditioning circuit and 2) Receiver/Dryer preferably new old stock. Thanks in advance, Clementine
  3. Brandon, did you have any luck on the front shocks/strut, top & bottom rubber for the 1974 2002? LMK. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Gents. I found a mint rebuild with warranty for $230. The car was purchased new in 1974 and remains unmolested. I ordered it and will install soon. Have not found the old new stock shocks yet. For the unwantium shown above, can you advise are they both York & what year did they come out of. I might be willing to have one or both rebuilt for the next apocalypse with the A/C. How much were you looking for?
  5. Hi. Would you have and pix you can share and what were you thinking for a price? Thanks in advance
  6. Looking for 1974 2002 front shocks and a York air compressor.  There was a vendor at the deutsche classic in Oley PA that had both front and rear pairs of shocks as new old stock in box. Didn’t need them but as luck would have it I broke a shock on the way home from the show. Don’t have the guys name but he did say he know Chris (aka stone02). Chris if u see this can you reachout to me so we can chat?  Thanks in advance

  7. Looking for 1974 2002 front shocks and a York air conditioning compressor. Any for sale?
  8. Looking for 1974 2002 front shocks and a York air compressor. Any for sale?
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