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  1. Thank you for all the suggestions! I will talk to the mechanic today. He sent me another video so I will also post here. WhatsApp Video 2019-08-12 at 2.45.51 PM.mp4
  2. Hi all I'm quite new to the forum even if have used info I found here before. My father is restoring a 2002 in Brazil and I'm trying to help him but I'm living in Finland so I don't have first person contact with the car. The M10 2 liters has been completely rebuilt with new pistons (higher compression), a LYNX manifold with a weber 40 and a 280 camshaft. The engone went to the dino and 3 things took my attention. 1) The max torque and power came in quite lower revs than expected. The mechanic mentioned that it might be that the camshaft is not well aligned with the crancshaft. He mentioned about moving a tooth but if that would be too much he would need a adjustable gear. Does that make sense? 2) He was playing with the distributor and that made the power measurements move all over the place. He is used to work on american V8s and said that for those cars there are kits with springs and weights to adjust the curve of the distributor, but not for the one on the 2002. He said he opened the distributor and made some changes. Is that something that people often do? I know I can go with a 123 but that is another 400 Euros... 3) My father told me that there was a strong "valve" type of noise coming from the engine on any RPM. The mechanic agreed but said he didn't figure out what is the reason and where it's coming yet. To this point I researched a lot and could be valve adjustment, piston slap, lubrication issues, exhaust manifold leak, and the list never ends. As the engine has been just rebuilt everything should be right but who really knows. From the video bellow would someone take a good guess? Thanks in advance! WhatsApp Video 2019-08-09 at 4.16.37 PM.mp4

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