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  1. I wish I would have a place and time to play with cars these days. Unfortunately I don't and as the box is not mine I'm following "orders" to sell it 😀. If it would be mine I would keep it and one day find it again and use it somewhere too.
  2. We have a Getrag 235 5 speed close ratio dogleg gearbox that was taken out of a 1973/1974 2002. The box was on the car and is working even if the engagement 1st to 2nd and vide versa is a bit picky and require trying to rev match or go slower than usual. I'm not planing on rebuilding the Box myself as I will not be able to test it on the car before delivering as the car now has a standard 4 speed box (more friendly to my mom). The Box is in Brazil but as I live in Finland I would be able to bring it here, so possible buyers could pick/ship from Brazil or Finland. The only price parameter I have is this: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/208405-rebuilt-getrag-2355-dogleg-gearboxes-for-sale/ Those costed almost 6000 pounds that were around 7500 dollars. As he mention that the rebuild costed around 2000 pounds I'm asking 5500 Euros for the box. I will ask my father for pictures and attach them here. Just reach me if more info is needed. Cheers. Pedro
  3. So after some time what has happened is that the dogleg gearbox was not mom friendly so we ended up sourcing a 4 speed gearbox that lucky was in really good shape. I would like to keep the 5 speed for the future (I have a hard time selling stuff 😁) but my father told me to put it to sell. I will include it on the Classified part of our forum but wanted to update also this thread. The box as mentioned before was a bit picky with the 1st to 2nd changes and vice versa, up from there everything was good. I don't think it's smart to service the box before selling because I will not have a car to test and can't guarantee the "working conditions" of it once the job would be done. So I plan on selling as it is and the possible buyer would have to or use as it is or service it with new synchros and whatever else is needed.
  4. Agree guys, do it once and do it right. Issue is that It's not easy to find parts neither someone deeply knowledgeable in old bmw boxes around here. We plan on opening the box with a very experienced overall mechanic but as I need to send the parts from Europe to Brasil I was planning on buying them before opening the box otherwise the car will be off the road for a long time. But I guess it will not be possible, will let him open it and tell me what is needed. You have convinced me that my anxiety might mess things up
  5. It's good to know that there boxes could worth this much, but it's also bad as not all of us could just buy one. In our case we plan on keeping it for now but will need to do some fixing. Looks like we need to change the synchro rings as it's hard to engage 1st and 2nd and most of the time it scratches. What do I need? Looks like the rings and the "sliders", but what part is the slider? Would it be the synchro guide/spider? If someone could list me the parts I need for a proper 235 maintenance where the box is working (gears are good) but it needs a "revitalization" to work as well as when it was new it would help a lot.
  6. Guys I have a 235 and need to change the synchro rings as it's hard to engage 1st and 2nd and most of the time it scratches. What do I need? Looks like the rings and the "sliders", but what part is the slider? Would it be the synchro guide/spider? If someone could list me the parts I need for a proper 235 maintenance where the box is working (gears are good) but it needs a "revitalization" to work as well as when it was new it would help a lot.
  7. I have been renovating a 1974 2002 and it's full of surprises. Would anyone know what this connector coming from under the dashboard would be? I searched the forum for a diagnostic plug but it lead me to a square one under the hood, something completely different. I think the PO did lots of crappy work on this car so maybe it's something that should not be there?
  8. Hi EPK, I have read that thread and I guess it will cost even more and be harder to find old Volvo parts than BMW parts in Brazil 😂 It looks like a nice upgrade but don't think it's viable for us right now. Thanks for the help anyway!
  9. So continuing the long chain of surprises when going to change tires and balance wheels we noticed that the brake calipers that are on our 2002 use only one line. the other one was both ends loose. Looks like the PO has changed the calipers for some crap aftermarket Brazilian ones and the brake main cylinder also to a cheap local one. Our situation now is that to return everything to stock will cost us a lot. We are looking for the best caliper that would fit into a 13 inch well that uses only one brake line and would work well. The idea is to look for something easily available, type a VW, FORD, GM, etc caliper. Haw anyone done something like this before? Any guidance would be REALLY appreciated. One side question, what is the benefit of a double break line going to the caliper instead of one line line on modern 4 piston calipers? Cheers!
  10. We are restoring a 2002 and we were doing the engine, I have another thread about it: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/247447-yet-another-engine-noise-case/ When we went to pick up the car the mechanic apprentice said something like "the car is good, once it's on speed is goes really well but the first gear is very long, you will see". I went for a test drive with my dad behind the well and on the first go I was sure we were starting in 2nd gear, the engine would lose too much revs before it started moving the car forward. After he drove I picked it up and tried first to the back and there it was, the first gear was found! Have to say that is was pretty funny to see the faces from the guys at the shop once I told them Now looks like we have a quite rare close ratio dogled box what is pretty cool. What is a bit less cool is that I think it will need at least a syncro ring job. I understood it's the old porsche style rings and that I can get from a shop in UK. The number on the box start with 232 but I guess the 235 is a 232 with the extra bit in the middle so I guess the number is correct. We will think what to do now. Just wanted to share the happiness and anxiety.
  11. Here is a video but not of the last final ignition setup WhatsApp Video 2019-09-10 at 19.14.55.mp4
  12. Ok so it's done. We ended up installing a simple electrinic injection module to use only the ignition part with a hall sensor on the distributor. Everything worked good and as a plus we got precise temperature measurement that will also be used to adjust the cold ignition. We will just for safety also install a oil pressure sensor and have alarms on oil pressure and water temperature. Not sure if I said before but we have 11:1 compression and a 280 degress camshaft with a Weber 40 on a Lynx manifold. The engine generated 122 HP and 18,7 kgfm. Here is the curve in 3rd gear: We are running Brazilian generic pump gas (30% ethanol) and there is a bit of margin due to our very frequent poor gasoline quality. Overall I'm happy with it, we should get the car next week so the real test drive is still to come.
  13. It's a good question if they are aftermarket ones. I have no idea. Don't they look stock? What do the stock look like?
  14. Now I have a clear reason for the ticking noise: Due to the new camshaft the rocker arms are moving a bit higher and the last one was hitting the oil distribution pipe. We inspected the cam lobes and everything is ok but now we need to place this pipe a bit higher on the head. Has anyone had this issue before? The cams are 282 degrees so not even that aggressive.
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