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  1. Thanks to all for the info, mechanical pump seems like probable best solution. Don't see clearance problem. Carter pump at bottom where battery used to be
  2. Did JeffM find a quieter pump? I have a Carter mounted where battery used to be (now in trunk) but annoyingly noisy. Moving to trunk apparently not a big improvement. I only have a single 2bbl Weber so maybe original mechanical pump adequate. Was talked into Carter after years of leaky mechanical pump.
  3. Have been considering rubber mount between fuel pump bracket and engine compartment panel. Haven't found quieter pump (Carter). People who have pump in trunk says noise still there, just behind you now. Have louder muffler. Drive faster than I probably should. Will go with pads next. Using later E21 fuel pump underbody is $$ option. Go back to original mechanical pump. Upgraded when went to 2bbl Weber as suggested. Not sure it needs it.
  4. Do you have any data on how much noise reduction is attributable to the pads in front? I have a nopisy electric fuel pump I'm trying to quiet down
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    Original owner 1600-2. Engine upgrade to factory rebuilt 2 liter M10 in 1985 after 2 rebuilds on original motor. Suspension upgrades and 5 speed from later 3 series in 2009.
  6. corschco


    I own 1566789, the next one on the assembly line and bought it new in Glendale California. Amazing what fates these 2 "siblings" encountered. Mine is an old friend. Not dumped out in the desert.
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