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  1. Hello @rphdiego Your former car is now listed on ebay. As a previous owner, do you have any insights for prospective buyers? Any issues you had with the car you would like to share? Thank you in advance! Peter
  2. Simon - a 1974, original owner, pampered '02 on BAT just sold for $15,750.00. This one is worth much less as we have so little information on the condition and history. Difficult to justify a similar price. Is $7500.00 reasonable, given what is known? Peter
  3. Great looking car with little to no rust! I spoke with Tod several times about this car but other projects I already have kept me from buying it. He did take my wife for a test drive, which she enjoyed! Good guy and car! Peter
  4. Simon - You definitely get the good neighbor award for trying to help the owner out but with so little known about the condition of the car and what the owner will want to receive for it, I suspect interest will be limited. Peter
  5. Patrick I wanted to give you a heads up that a friend of a friend of a friend of my wife's, who is local to Thousand Oaks, may be contacting your M-I-L to drop by and check out the car. With my wife, I'm never too clear what is going on. They've dubbed the project, "Operation Baby Blue". We'll see what happens. Peter
  6. Just received a reply text, he's accepted earnest money.

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