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  1. Brandon Any idea what shipping would be to Lexington, KY 40504? Thanks! Peter
  2. Does anyone know if this will fit a Weber 38 without to much modification? Thank you Peter
  3. Les Wow, this is great! Thank you for the information and the link. I sent Chris an ebay message and he contacted me immediately! He was excited to hear from me and hopes I get the car back on the road. He could not recall the compression ratio but stated he had the block decked and thought the ratio was 9+ to 1, but less than 10 to 1. Super nice guy! Thank you so much! Peter
  4. Hello All This car is now at the mechanic. Hopefully they are able to get it running without too much effort. We'll see. @TodB has suggested I attempt to track the former owner that had the engine built so I can get the compression ratio and other background information on the car. This is a good idea. Attached is link to an advertisement from June of 2015 that I believe was placed by that seller based on the matching VIN: http://findclassicars.com/bmw/51708-restored-and-modified-1976-bmw-2002.html I am hopeful someone here will know the seller in Farmington, New York and will be able to put me in touch with him or her. (Yes, it is a shame the car no longer looks like it did in this ad!) Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide! Peter
  5. Hey Jim Thank you for your post. I can see why they would be overwhelmed. Were they the ones that disassembled it or did they purchase it as a project? My plan is to get the glass in, get it running and then drive it to determine what I have. If you have the contact info for the duo, would you please forward it in a PM? Thank you Peter
  6. George Thank you for speaking with me on Wednesday evening. I appreciate you discussing the car with me. Sounds like it will be a great project for the next owner. If the pending sale falls through, please let us know. Thanks Peter
  7. What is it with missing wiper arms? See this so often. Is this a 2002 thing? Seller states vintage racing photos show cars with only the left wiper and he felt the look was cool. Might be an "02 thing?
  8. What is it with missing wiper arms? See this so often. Is this a 2002 thing?
  9. Hello @rphdiego Your former car is now listed on ebay. As a previous owner, do you have any insights for prospective buyers? Any issues you had with the car you would like to share? Thank you in advance! Peter
  10. Simon - a 1974, original owner, pampered '02 on BAT just sold for $15,750.00. This one is worth much less as we have so little information on the condition and history. Difficult to justify a similar price. Is $7500.00 reasonable, given what is known? Peter
  11. Great looking car with little to no rust! I spoke with Tod several times about this car but other projects I already have kept me from buying it. He did take my wife for a test drive, which she enjoyed! Good guy and car! Peter

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