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  1. BTTT - still looking for the above. Thank you.
  2. Thanks. It's been 7 months unfortunately....... Do not want to hijack thread but those are awesome wheels and I am considering. Thanks for posting them!!
  3. ....probably from Frank at Powderwheels who as of recently has stopped corresponding with those of us that have paid him for wheels..........anyway.....those are beautiful and if they are Franks they are done right nonetheless.....I may just buy yours and cut my loses.
  4. 2nd in line if it is not sold...please let me know....
  5. I need to start collecting some parts for the BEHR A/C system for my 1969. If you have any parts or a complete system please let me know. Specifically need the following: 1. Behr evaporator/blower 2. The console components that enclose the evaporator 3. The wiring harness 4. Both switches. (All the pieces that that go inside the passenger compartment) (gee I wonder who gave me this information!! hahaha)
  6. I need that hazard switch if it is not sold.
  7. PM Sent - I am also in Houston!
  8. Its GOLD Johnny!!! GOLD!!
  9. ...not as fun as the last "delete post" thread...sigh.....
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