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  1. Never had great success with IE however after how they responded to the 'restoshop' owner who was looking for his parts, I will source parts elsewhere. Totally unprofessional. I am only one man.......but one with choices.
  2. That is the one I have been after!! Is this one yours? Where the heck does one find one of these?
  3. Good day. Looking for a Solex for my 1969 1600 - if anyone has a spare on their shelf. Thank you.
  4. I am looking for just the connection with the female end and wires and the rubber boot that pushes into the actual CSV on tii's. If you have one or even just the rubber boot I would be willing to purchase. Thank you!
  5. HI ESTY - I believe this will work perfect for me. I will PM you now.....thanks.
  6. ...just FYI I ordered some from Jaymic Ltd. and they have them in stock. Got them two weeks ago. I would have purchased yours as they are slightly cheaper but not unobtainium just yet.
  7. Correct - I am new to WORKING ON AND RESTORING a crusty 2002 but not at all new to owning and driving them. I have a rough tii I am working on, I went through the posts and saw what 1974 interior colors were offered for a Granatrot car and I am going to go with Gobi Brown from World Upholstery (this color is offered by others with different names). This is by no means a ground up restoration but rather a frame on - do the best you can, restoration and it will be glorious. My other two BMWs have pearl beige and my 3rd (1600-2) has saddle so it seems Gobi will fit in nicely.
  8. The color he had was too light - I am still looking. Please send me pictures (PM) - thank you.
  9. I have PM’d @shermanmartinezand responded to his email with the photos but waiting on his reply to my questions.
  10. If I get a PM I will do that - no problem! Thanks.
  11. Yes they are getting 'rarer' but what I am saying is that I made three calls and each time they were available for around 500.00-650.00 for a pair (reasonable it seems) so..............I have to chuckle that I posted them as 'found' but still get two comments on how expensive they are....scares away the kids into getting into 2002's and just reminds me of the Porsche crowd......I guess that is why I am taking offense a bit....ok....I am better now. I will move on. Happy weekend to all!
  12. ...well... just as a FYI....they are still out there, and available, and not as expensive as y'all may think. Not everything is made from gold it seems....
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