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  1. Ok, got it. I appreciate all the responses. I did search and search but what you said above is the easiest to understand! If I ever ditch this coil for a "blue" one and get rid of the resistor then I will ask how to jump it!!! hahaha
  2. Ok, thank you! I figured as much from the previous reply I got but I did not have the car nearby to see what was on the green label. Just out of curiosity, if I ran a 1.8ohm ballast with a coil that says .9 ohm is that creating a weaker spark for the system? I am still on points obviously. If I go with a .9ohm Ballast with my coil that stipulates it needs a .9 ohm is that optimal for spark I guess? I am just trying to understand this electrical wizardry somewhat......
  3. Ok, sorry......I still need help on this....here is a photo of my new coil. It shows 9 ohms...so does that mean my ballast Resistor should be 9 ohms? We tested the current ballast and the numbers bounced around between 2 and 1.9 so I believe it is a 1.8 ohm ballast resistor on there now. Correct? The car runs and starts amazing....no issues at all......I just do not want to be burning the points up.......HELP!
  4. Ahh, did not even think of that....so the original Ballast on there is 1.1? I was looking for markings but found none. I will go have a look at that label on the coil. I was searching my parts books trying to figure out what that Ballast was on the car now but could not find anything mentioned...thank you.
  5. I am resurecting this thread as I want to get a spare Ballast Resistor for my 1969 1600-02 before a road trip. The one on my car now only has '209' stamped on it and has two terminals-one on each end......can I get one of these red bracket Mercedes ones at 1.8ohms to use as a spare (just in case?)...any guidance is appreciated. I would get a blue coil to eliminate the BR however I just installed a brand new, normal silver coil so I do not want to spend the money again on a blue one......a Ballast Resistor is $22.00 usually so that is ok and its a spare.....Thank you.
  6. Looking for (1) x red lens, passenger side, Roundie taillight lens. It must be in excellent condition though or NOS......if you can help. Thank you.
  7. Keep let'n the P car guys stroke each other and they will stay out of our lowly underworld hopefully.....besides the California guys that sold their cars for +160k (that they paid 30k for) and then go and buy/restore/build a '02 for +65k or more are the ones driving that West Coast market......I believe. Get out of California and 2002 prices are pretty fair (for the most part) it seems.........
  8. JWT


  9. Ill take it! I will send you a PM. As long as it works! haha. Thank you.
  10. I have had it for about two months. It was DANCO's car (on this forum), then he sold it to a Porsche collector in Houston, who had it a very short time and sold it to a guy who stores peoples cars as a business (where I have other cars) and it sat there for over a year. He was trying to sell it and had multiple interest but they never could come through with the cash. Every time I went into his building to grab one of my cars it was just sitting there looking lonely so finally I just took it out for a spin and loved it....and my wife and three year old loved it, so now it is in our family and getting some much needed bits and bobs sorted out but it is in great shape for sure. Its just the details that I am working out that never got completed really.........the color combo sold my wife.

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