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  1. Thank you!!! I ordered - I will see what they say.
  2. Good day. Looking for one or two B6 for the front of my 1974 tii. Can be used if in good condition. I have one new one now but will pay for whatever you have until they come in stock again. Thanks.
  3. Looking for a set (or whatever you got) of these covers for my 1974 tii front seats. Any color. Thank you.
  4. Exactly what I need. I posted WTB for that seat - the back bench I have. I would pay for shipping to Houston if you end up wanting it gone. Wish I was closer. Thks. strike that - need drivers side bottom cushion or enter seat. Thank you. got what I need.
  5. man......seriously....I have to stay on this page like every minute! If it falls through let me know. Thank you.
  6. Looking for a PRE - 1974 complete seat or single, bottom half of the seat with all the seat rails intact....Thanks.
  7. JWT

    1975 Turkis automatic

    Good morning! If possible do you have a close up photo of the finish on your Sportstar wheels? I have the same ones and like what you have done - just trying to see if the lip is polished or not. Also, I need help sourcing new wheel caps as well...all my BWA Milano caps are in terrible shape. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Looking for E21 Recaros/Sport Seats. I also posted in Bimmerforums but I have to tell you.......what a complete disaster over there. Six scam artists in under 24 hours. Amazing. Please help!
  9. Looking for a complete tii airbox with brackets for my 1974. Thank you.
  10. Has this sold?? I am still looking for one if anyone has one out there.
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