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  1. Thank you- that sounds like where to start.
  2. Mike car is new to me- no background. Cranks square and smooth to 50% open- then hits a hard stop- zero springback on crank at stop. Closes 100% right with lovely alignment when closed. Will pull cover to see what I can. Thanks
  3. Any insight on reason for sunroof to come to a hardstop at 50% open?
  4. Yes, I drove it... it's solid- steering and suspension are tight. very small amount of rust on the floor board from a heater core leak, but rest of car is rust free. Stock, so everything you'd expect on power. Call me superficial, but Rivera isn't my color.
  5. Happy buyer! Thanks to Keith of States Coffee in Martinez CA who alerted me to this car just hours after I took a test drive in one of his two 02's that's for sale... He's got a nice 73 Rivera for sale... all original, numbers match, solid car. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/martinez-1973-bmw-2002-all-original/6927595572.html
  6. How do I contact you privately? Haven't seen your car for sale in any of the usual places
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