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  1. Hey guys! Just moved to Denver from LA. I also picked up a '74 2002 along the way (first project car). I've seen a few posts about body shop recommendations...but nothing really came of it. So I'll echo some of the posts below... any good body shop recommendations or mechanic shops with strong 2002 experience? I reached out to Bimmer Haus up in Broomfield last night, but I want to see if there are any others I should know about... Also, it looks like the Cars and Coffee meet ups fizzled out, are we going to have any more this year? Thanks! -Nate
  2. Thanks for the advice. That's exactly why I'm starting to look before the move. I've noticed the majority of 2002's for sale are on the west coast.
  3. Hey everybody! I'm in the market for a 2002. I've been lurking on the site for a couple months now and I'm getting ready to pull the trigger. Some requirements: Budget: <$10,000 Manual Drivable condition (likely not in daily-driver condition at this price range) Color: Prefer Inka or Colorado orange, but I'm budgeting for a full paint job so it's not a deal breaker if it's not orange. Prefer roundie, but I would be okay with square Prefer carbed over fuel injected I'll be in LA until the end of the summer, after which I will be moving to Denver. It would be ideal if the car was located within a reasonable driving distance from either of those cities. Feel free to post here or DM me with any info!
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