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  1. I will take the turbo badge! Pm sent
  2. I am in Lexington KY. Not too far from you at all actually. I actually pass through there fairly often to visit family.
  3. These were pulled from an old race car. Could be rebuilt but I decided to go a different route. Make me an offer.
  4. This is awesome that you have all of these, the video is cool too. Too bad it doesn't show him for more than a couple seconds.
  5. I found that fb group as well... It would be great to be able to get in touch with his granddaughter who started the group. I sent a message but have not had any luck. These pictures are great, if you have any more I would love to see them!
  6. I have seen this listing, it was made my the second owner before me. He was helpful in tracking down the original turbo and manifold which I was able to purchase.
  7. Where have you found all of these pictures? The two racing shots I found as well on facebook.
  8. Wow, that is great! Do you have any more of this car? Did you know Holger Tapp?
  9. @Lars : Hello, I am the new owner of this car... I am looking for more information about its history. Would you be willing to help? Thanks, Linden
  10. In good shape, I have no use for them. Call or Text at 859.388.0782 600 for trans will ship freight at buyers expense LSD is sold
  11. Good condition, Slight tarnish on the chrome but in very nice original shape.
  12. Yes, they are aftermarket. One is for boost pressure and one for vacuum. I am mainly looking for information on the maker. The ignition controller is definitely commercial as well after opening it up. Basically an early form of something like MSD but I cannot find any info on the maker.
  13. I am not sure to be honest.
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