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  1. Yes I figured. From the conversation our friend Dudeland had with the sales guy, (requires minor machining of their intake) yes that sounds like some fabrication will be necessary. So it sounds to me, I will need to machine the port right behind the butterflies and tap in the Idle control holes. Then at the holes right before the injectors I could attach the vacuum hoses for the MAP sensor. This way the sensor input is after the Idle circuit, and still upstream of the injectors, so all should be good.
  2. Hmm, seems like a simple solution. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I appreciate your direct approach sir, straight to the salesman! Hats off to you.
  4. Looking at the E46 M3, I'm positive it can be done. Also I agree, they don't post a lot of information. BUT, I found this: https://store.jenvey.co.uk/pub/media/documents/instructions/AFP_I.pdf It shows the plumbing for their IAC kit, by which I mean: https://store.jenvey.co.uk/throttle-bodies-and-components/air-bypass-valve-fittings On this page you can see what kits they supply for idle air. In case of our beloved M10 4cyl engine, for the M10 kit, they supply this: https://store.jenvey.co.uk/throttle-bodies-and-components/air-bypass-valve-fittings/air-control-valve-kit-4-ports-avk2t2 Which had that manual at the bottom of the page. Interesting, it looks to be riiiiiight next to the injector hole, but I assume it's pointing down a bit more, so that the injector is downstream of the idle air insert. I wonder what this would mean if I was planning on running a MAP sensor, like, look how close that is! How am I going to get a sensor after this insert? Unless I put the hoses for the sensor right there, and tap in from a little farther back or even under the throttle body to insert the Idle Air hoses, could do that.
  5. Interesting, I just checked and my E30 1.8 non-i head doesn't. It's a 316, with Pireburg 2BE carb, also has the mechanical fuel pump attached to the head. Casting date was I think October 84. Shame, missed opportunity.
  6. Balance tuning? Is that for idle? I'm not familiar with the term.
  7. Alright so I found these on this website http://www.speedworxs.de/bmw-m3-e30-rennsportteile/bmw-m3-e30-drosselklappen-50mm-throttle-bodies.html 1,700 euros...yikes So I assume the 4 holes on all the runners are injector holes, am I correct? Then what are those two brass ones on the two runners on the right? are you referring to these 4 brass-looking bolts after the butterflies in this picture?
  8. I know, that's realllyyyyy top tier stuff, out of my budget for sure.
  9. I swear I read this part like 6 times, still could not understand hot it worked. I'll do some more research and find some manuals to understand that better. How about this: I put the bypass hoses on the ITB holes for the injectors. And then put the injectors in the holes on the head. Could work, maybe.
  10. My car is an E30 1.8, could look into it...
  11. Riiiiight I see that "chamber" you mentioned. That's a neat idea. And the heater return goes below it, so no problems there. Waaaaaa is that a dry sump kit you're running??? Very impressive 👏🏻
  12. Exactly, I'm not sure which company supports this. I saw a video on E46 M3 Interesting, if you look at the manifold at 2:00, there's this hole that a hose connects to. A few seconds later, you can see that the idle control valve is controlling the airflow there. So from what I understand, air comes from the airbox, through the control valve, into that pipe that looks like a fuel rail, the one to the further left on the engine, that pipe seems to distribute the air past the butterflies. I like this method. Problem is none of the ITB kits for the M10 I've looked at seem to have at least, this "opening" behind the butterflies, although I could tap through... This is why I was confused about idle control with ITB kits.
  13. Well what brand is your ITB? or did you make one? Do you have a picture of this chamber? Also, what sensor are you using? MAP or MAF? And how is your idle in different weather? any troubles? fluctuations?
  14. This is probably going to make a lot of people roll their eyes but I couldn't find the information elsewhere so here we are. Question: how do cars with Individual Throttle Bodies control their idle? Do they have a minimum opening on the butterflies? Do they have a small sort of "vacuum pipe-like" goin to behind all the butterflies? You know what I was thinking? If it was the latter method, we could get a CIS head, the one with the injector holes in it if I'm not mistaken, and put in those pipes through those injector holes! That would look so good. Anyway, sorry my mind goes crazy sometimes. Any ideas anyone?

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