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  1. Many thanks to all who responded to this posting. I was able to source a replacement instrument housing WITH faux wood and glass from Harry Malkas. I took the advice of some of the forum members and removed the faux wood with sandpaper ultimately to 1000 grit sandpaper which left a nice matte black surface. I installed the metal rings from Didotuning that the previous owner had left in the trunk. Took the gauges out, cleaned them, applied tape and painted the gauge needles with a fresh coat of white paint. Ordered some LEDs from superbrightleds.com (except for the alternator light one), bent back a wire on each side of the bulb to avoid a short and, lo and behold they actually all work! what a priceless forum! Before and after:
  2. Moto, I am considering the same faux wood removal as you did. did you end up spraying it after sanding or were you satisfied with the final look just with 600 sanding? if you sprayed, which satin black high temp paint did you use? I was debating between paint vs some sort of thin black vinyl adhesive tom
  3. Hey Brandon, Looking for the housing and or just the plastic and interlocking metal rings that hold the glass in place on an instrument cluster. I have functional gauges so I am trying to avoid buying a completely new instrument cluster Tom
  4. Many thanks to all who responded. I just now realized that the instrument cluster housing may not be the original one. With the missing rotating lock system for the rings I am now on the hunt for a new (complete) housing since it doesn't seem like I can just get the rings anywhere.... Tom
  5. Thank you Andrew! That’s exactly it! I spent the better part of today looking for that second portion of the rotating lock trim to system. When I search forums and the web, I find plenty of options to buy new chrome trim rings but I get no where looking for the black plastic or metal pieces...thoughts?
  6. Happy mothers day @ all I decided to tackle the silver dollar instrument cluster in my 1970 this weekend. When I received the car last fall, it actually had no glass covering the instruments. I have since removed the cluster and am working to refurbish/refresh it. While that is coming along nicely, I am having a hard time picturing how the glass covers are secured into the plastic housing. The prior owner left me a manila envelope with 3 round glasses, 3 metal trim rings from Didotuning in Poland, and three black metal rings. I know that some owners have had issue with the Didotuning rings not fitting the early instrument clusters without faux wood grain. The forum contributions on removing instrument cluster from dash and refreshing instruments were incredibly helpful...however, can someone tell me if I am missing a piece here? the service manuals are rather quiet on the topic! Thanks, Tom
  7. 🧐😓 Hans and Coloincaalpine...thank you. No update as M-F is simply to busy for me to do more than walk by the car and think "at least its art in my garage even when it isnt running"...also as you all figured out, connecting that wire to the distributor def. caused a short. So I'll likely be replacing fuses today. Still pretty unclear on what to do with that wire. Now, I have learned a lot over the past 3 weeks just from reading things but I am still quite the novice. Backstory - after I drove it the first month, it sat for 4-6 weeks and then failing to start again. Sidenote: I suspect the car is also not getting fuel right now. i.e. no fuel shooting into carb with gas pedal. That may have been the initial problem. Being completely honest, the first time I coudlnt get the car to start I decided to inspect the spark plugs (without any rationale except that it sounded like a car thing to do and I had never done it). I am just wondering if I was so clumsy to dislodge that blue wire when accessing the spark plugs. Seems unlikely. In any case, if Hans and Coloincaalpin have time to expand on what they think the actual place for the wire may be; Ill def owe you one. I am also crossing my fingers that this isnt a dead-end rabbit hole that I am going down and that the loose wire, in actuality, has nothing to do with the failure to spark. Appreciate any comments - finally 60 in cleveland which means i wont freeze in the garage. Thomas
  8. Hans, thanks for the reply. Yes I connected the wire to the distributor and I am now getting just a single clicking when i turn the key in the ignition without any cranking/turn over. almost like with a dead battery. I wont have time to formally test it with a meter until this weekend, I was just sort of surprised that this happened. Thomas
  9. Appreciate the input from you all. the wiring diagram certainly also suggests that this is where the wire goes. interestingly, when i plugged it in something shorted. the ignition is now completely dead when turning the key to crank. not sure what happened there. in the 6 fuse 1970 set up, i dont really see all of the electrical engine components having a fuse listed. all the fuses are for auxilliary stuff like gauges, lights etc. any thoughts?
  10. Hi all, happy new year. I received my 70's Grenada about 2 months ago. was unfortunately only able to drive it twice (registration) and around town before Ohio winter and the business of the holiday season hit. I am now unfortunately unable to get the car running again...specifically, it turns over but does not start (i.e. no combustion) While I am a complete novice, I realize you need fuel and a spark to drive the engine. I took the filer off the weber carb and sprayed start spray and poured gasoline down the throats without any improvement. I then pulled a random spark plug, reattached it to the ignition coil and cranked, saw no spark on the plug resting on the engine. I am in the process of conceptually working my way backwards towards distributor and power supply. In the process, I came across this loose wire. it originated form the Bosch ignition coil. Could someone confirm if this should be hooked up to the distributor or what the purpose is? Thanks, Thomas
  11. I bought a BMW 2002 because of you. You did not know it but I was here on the forum...hovering and reading...and debating for the past six months. I knew I wanted to experience and learn from a car. I knew that I know very little about how a car works beyond the basics. Thanks to this forum I decided "what the heck, whats the worst that can happen." It's awesome to have such a wealth of information available online. Seems like unless you go hands on, you will never learn! Decision made, I bought a 1970 Grenada colored 4spd manual vehicle online. Ohio seems to be largely BMW 2002 desert, at least compared to the wealth of west coast and southern cars. I have come to appreciate rain, snow, sleet, and other precipitation as the enemy of 70s automobiles and wish I lived in the Arizona desert, if only for the rust-free pristine cars they should have! As any novice faced with a 50 year old roundie unloading from a trailer on a 30F Saturday afternoon, I am/was admittedly intimidated. I did manage to start the car, keep it running and successfully navigate it through the streets of my residential neighborhood. My bar to celebrate achievements is clearly set very low. I have read some of the postings by other newbies and felt much relieved to read about questions very similar to my own...Ok. Maybe some of mine are even more basic than what I have read here but I will figure those out on my own. So anyway, thanks for being a great forum. Thank you to all the members for their knowledge, posts, and dedication to this site. As soon as I can figure out how, I'll post some pictures. TK
  12. Tknackstedt


  13. Thanks both for the input. While motivated and hoping to learn in the process of this restoration, I am very much at the start of the journey... i didn’t upload all pics but the driver side rear shock tower is rusted through. sounds like a pass for me
  14. Hoping to revive this question/thread with a post of my own. Cali/Texas car that I am considering for my first restoration, haven’t pulled the trigger on purchase yet... is it too rough of a road to go down?? thanks for any input or guidance Tom
  15. For a newbie just getting into 2002s it’s invaluable to hear this kind of info. I was contemplating making a trip out there to take a look but will hold off now.
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